Leadership Skills to Turn Your Temp Placement Into a Full-Time Job

As a temporary worker, you may have your fingers crossed hoping that something will turn into a permanent placement. Building these six leadership skills can help increase your odds of success.


If you are trying to win your way into a company, you must not only show up but also exceed expectations. Arrive on time, or better yet early, and offer to work late. Although this doesn’t mean you need to work an 80-hour week, use the opportunity to demonstrate flexibility and a great work ethic. Deliver a quality product, meet deadlines and be trustworthy. Above all, you want your employer to know they can count on you.


A positive attitude goes a long way. Take an interest in your temporary company. Learn about the corporate culture as well as the ins and outs of the industry. Ask questions and volunteer to take on extra projects. Even if the temporary position doesn’t become full time, this is a great chance to learn new things and sharpen your skills.


Being the newest member of the team can be intimidating, but this can be an advantage too. Arriving from the outside, you bring a fresh perspective. You may see ways to make standard processes more effective or efficient. Brainstorm new ideas. However, at the same time, proceed with caution. You want to display initiative and innovative thinking without looking pushy and overzealous. Don’t make suggestions without knowing all the facts. A seemingly antiquated system may be in place for a reason. Start small and pay attention to how your opinions are received before jumping into a major overhaul of the entire business model.


Teamwork is a key ingredient to the success of most organizations. Be responsive, cooperative and friendly. Get to know your supervisors and co-workers. Pay attention and find out how you can make their lives easier. Anticipate others’ needs and offer to assist with difficult projects and tight deadlines. Listen to what your fellow employees are saying, give useful feedback and empower the members of your team so they can perform at their best.

Decision Making

Exhibit your ability to make good choices both in your position and in your own personal career. Set realistic and attainable objectives that can be met within the timeframe of your temporary assignment. Communicate your plans, including your wish for more permanent employment, to your supervisor so they know what you are working toward.

Of course, these suggestions won’t turn you into the company CEO by next Tuesday, but they might help you land a position. Leaders are needed at all levels of an organization. This skill set can assist you in meeting your short- and long-term goals.

Are you hoping to land a permanent placement?

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