4 Ways to Ensure Diversity at Your Company

The benefits of diversity are well documented from higher profits to greater innovation. However, achieving a diverse workforce is a challenging task requiring long-term commitment.

Here are four steps to making your organization more successful.

Create a Culture of Inclusion

Many companies claim diversity is important, but their employee list tells a different story. A truly diverse corporate culture must start at the top and become a part of the fabric of the organization. Northern Trust, a financial services company ranking #1 on America’s 2018 List of Best Employer for Diversity, refers to a diversified workforce as one of their “strongest assets.” They have a senior executive who “ensures progressiveness,” ongoing training courses and programs that recognize employees who champion diversity efforts. Their alignment with a wide variety of business resource councils extends their definition of diversity beyond race and gender.

Educate and Train

Employees must understand what their company’s diversity policy is, why it is important and how they can apply it in their day-to-day roles. This training should NOT be a one-time event, but rather a continuous process. Also, companies must recognize that all employees, despite their best efforts, have unconscious biases. These stereotypes affect our behavior, in both positive and negative ways, whether we intend it or not. As part of a 2013 initiative, Google required all its employees across the world to participate in Unbiasing training. And, they provide free copies of their guides for anyone to use.

Broaden Your Talent Pool

Companies such as Disney and Apple are well-known for the rich diversity of their employees. In his book, High Velocity Hiring, Scott Wintrip refers to this as durable diversity or “a dependable workforce of complementary people.” This may seem impossible to for everyone else achieve, so Wintrip offers two suggestions. First, organizations should reconsider their hiring profiles. Certain requirements, which may not be necessary, could unwittingly eliminate certain groups. Second, he recommends increasing the number of candidates by extending advertising reach, using external talent scouts and even building talent through upskilling and reskilling.

Develop Better Hiring Techniques

Tactics such as balance quotas and blind hiring techniques, although well intentioned, can make the hiring process more frustrating. After all, the point is to hire the best people regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, medical conditions, appearances or past experiences. Programs such as Google’s Unbiasing training can make hiring more objective, as can hiring teams that help keep individual bias in check. In addition, Scott Wintrip suggests the use of experiential or hands-on interviews. He refers to this type of interview as a “powerful tool in combating prejudicial hiring. Seeing someone do quality work makes it easier to judge the work instead of the person.”

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