7 Simple Ways To Show Employees You Care


You have great employees and you want them to know you recognize their efforts. Here’s how you can display your gratitude throughout the year.

1. Pay Attention to Work Environment

If you went to your job every day and faced dirty bathrooms, a run-down breakroom and a broken microwave, would you feel valued? Probably not. Let your workers know they are important by maintaining a clean and up-to-date facility. Ongoing and even simple upgrades, such as a high-end coffee machine, can make a significant difference.

2. Hire the Right People

Just as a poorly maintained work environment damages morale, a single toxic or unmotivated co-worker can bring everyone down. Show your employees you care by surrounding them with talented and engaged people who work as part of the team. Recruit thoughtfully and, when needed, be willing to make those difficult termination decisions.

3. Take a Different Perspective

If you were an employee, what would make your life easier? More realistic goals? Better defined expectations? Clearer communication? Regular feedback? Flexible schedules? When you put yourself in your employees’ shoes, you can serve them better. And if you aren’t sure about a given situation, ask. Your workers may be more willing to offer advice than you think.

4. Connect on a Personal Level

When we like people, we try to learn more about them. This holds true on the job and in life. If you know little to nothing about your employees outside of the workplace, you are sending a message you don’t care. Talk to your workers. Learn about their families, interests, hobbies, successes, failures and problems. Don’t ask, “How are you doing today?” as a superficial greeting, use this question to start genuine conversations.

5. Support Your Employees (in Good Times and in Bad)

Sometimes your employees will make mistakes and sometimes they will disappoint you. Sometimes their personal problems will interfere with their job. And, sometimes a customer will complain about someone’s performance. In any of these cases, your workers should know you have their back. Be there to lend a hand, to provide support to help them overcome obstacles.

6. Provide Chances for Growth

Most employees want to gain new skills and improve their careers. Work toward creating, expanding and/or personalizing professional growth opportunities. These may range from stretch assignments to on-site training formal mentorships.

7. Say Thank You

Finally, one of the best ways to let your employees know you appreciate them is to tell them. After all, we all like a little praise. Be specific with your compliments rather than simply saying, “Great job!” Gifts are nice too, but you don’t have to break the bank. A pizza party, a gift card or even a heartfelt handwritten note can be just as meaningful as high-ticket items.

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