Do I Have a Bad Manager or a Bad Job?


Your job is making you unhappy and you wonder what is going wrong. Is your manager the trouble? Or, is it the job itself? Take our short quiz to help you identify the problem.

____ Does your manager either micromanage or fail to provide you with clear expectations?
____ Does your manager continually criticize your work?
____ Is your manager a poor listener and/or communicator?
____ Does your manager seldom give you any feedback, especially positive feedback?
____ Does your manager know little to nothing about your life outside the office?
____ Are you expected to work 24/7?
____ Does your manager break their own rules?
____ Is your manager verbally abusive, hostile or moody?
____ Is your manager a bully? Or, do they allow bullying?
____ Do you believe your manager has harassed you or discriminated against you? *
____ Do you daydream about a new job or early retirement?
____ Have you lost your excitement and enthusiasm for your work?
____ Do you dread Monday mornings?
____ Is your job boring? Do you need a greater challenge?
____ Do you have trouble concentrating on the job? Has this affected your productivity?
____ Do you frequently complain about work?
____ Are you arguing with or isolating yourself from, your co-workers?
____ Is your work-life balance tipped completely in favor of work?
____ Have you given up on hobbies or outside interests you used to enjoy?
____ Have you experienced health problems that may be stress related?

If you answered mostly Yes to the top ten questions, you have a bad manager.
If you answered mostly Yes to the bottom ten questions, you have a bad job.
If you answered mostly Yes to all the questions, you have a bad manager who may have turned a good job into a terrible experience.

What Can You Do?

If You Have a Bad Manager

Sometimes you can overcome a bad manager, especially when you genuinely enjoy and are committed to your job. Begin by scheduling a sit-down meeting with your supervisor. Focus on how they can better support you, rather than on everything that is going wrong. If you aren’t comfortable having this conversation or if is your manager is uncooperative, reach out to your HR department for additional support. If this is another dead-end, consider transferring within your company before resigning yourself to a job hunt.

If You Have a Bad Job

Switching jobs is stressful. If you get along well with your colleagues and you like your organization, you may try to stick things out. Unfortunately, this usually backfires. Admit to yourself the position is not a good fit, and start making plans to move on.

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* The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission outlines What to Do if You Believe You Have Been Harassed at Work.


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