6 Ways to Make Your Job Posting Stand Out More!

Is your company searching for talented candidates but struggling to bring in qualified applicants? To attract top employees, you must first capture their attention. This process begins with interesting, informative and eye-catching job postings.

How can your organization create top-level listings? Here are six strategies to stand out from the crowd.

1. Start With a Great Title

If you don’t have a strong job title, not only will applicants scroll past your ad, but your listing probably won’t show up in search results. In other words, the title is extremely important. Your title should provide a clear picture of what your company does and the type of candidate you are hoping to hire. Be specific and descriptive. Generic labels, such as Accounting Position, often go unnoticed. Finally, stick with commonly understood industry terms. Avoid abbreviations, internal titles and overused buzzwords like “Rockstar” and “guru”.

2. Include Salary Information

Many companies hesitate to publish this number. However, pay rate is a key factor for candidates looking to apply. If your organization isn’t comfortable providing an exact figure, give a salary range. In addition, don’t forget to mention other perks and benefits that may be as appealing as a large paycheck.

3. Make the Posting Easy to Read

Lines of unbroken text are sure to make any applicant’s eyes glaze over. Your job listings should be quick to scan and easy to digest. Use simple formatting techniques including boldface, italics, numbers, bullets and paragraph breaks to highlight the most important and noteworthy information.

4. Be Creative

Instead of resorting to standard (and meaningless) statements such as, “We have a great company culture,” aspire to be more innovative. Communicate what your company is about through style, humor and tone. Your job description should reflect the uniqueness of your organization; you don’t want your listing to sound like everyone else’s.

5. Think Beyond Job Boards

Although job boards are a good starting point, they shouldn’t be the only place your ads appear. Use your company website and social media accounts to advertise openings to a wider audience. Also, this is a smart strategy for finding passive candidates who may be scrolling through Facebook, but not the Help Wanted ads, after a difficult day at work. Expand your reach further by encouraging your current employees to engage with job postings through likes, retweets and comments.

6. Add Photos or Videos

Especially on social media, you can gain more attention by including media. Plus, this is an effective way to give a more authentic view of your business. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Consider a photograph of employees on the job, an infographic, a branded image or a short video from your CEO inviting talented candidates to apply.

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