8 Simple Ways to Nail Your Next Interview

If you just landed an interview, congratulations! You’re probably excited and nervous. How can you prepare? What can you do to make sure things go well?

Here are eight easy-to-follow tips to help you ace your next opportunity.

Do Your Homework

Before you arrive at your interview, thoroughly research the company. Visit their website, follow their social media channels and search for recent press releases. Being knowledgeable about an organization makes you look enthusiastic, interested and intelligent.


You never know exactly what the interviewer will ask, but you can review commonly used traditional and behavioral questions. Rehearsing will build your confidence and improve your delivery. Take notes, practice out loud in front of a mirror and/or have a friend run mock interviews.

Dress for Success

Even before you say a single word, your interviewer will make a snap judgment based on your appearance. Pay attention to everything from your outfit to your haircut to your shoes. If you aren’t sure about dress code, study the company website or check with the HR manager. When in doubt, choose too formal over too casual.

Don’t Underestimate First Impressions

According to a recent study, an interviewer will get a first impression within a tenth of second. And, this impression tends to stick. Dress is a primary factor. Other top contributors include smiling, acting politely, conversing well, maintaining eye contact and displaying confidence without appearing arrogant. And, of course, be on time!

Make a Connection

Finding something you have in common with your interviewer can make you a more memorable candidate and build trust. You might mention something you saw in their employee profile or a person you both know on LinkedIn. If you can’t find anything, try to get to know them better before the interview with a question such as, “How did you happen to start working here?”


When you are in the middle of an interview, you may start thinking about what you are going to say next instead of focusing on the question. As listening is a top soft skill for most employers, take a deep breath, calm your mind and LISTEN. You are better off saying, “Give me a minute to think about this,” rather than “Could you repeat that?”

Be Prepared to Ask Questions

Interviewers commonly end by asking, “Do you have any questions?” Top candidates always have questions. Make insightful inquires that reflect your knowledge of the organization and allow you to learn more.

Write Thank-You Notes

Many candidates overlook this key step. Within 24 hours after your interview, send everyone on the interview team a personalized thank you note. This is your chance to make a great second impression.

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