Didn’t Hear Back After an Interview? Maybe It Was Something You Said…

Saying the wrong thing in an interview is easier than you think. After all, you are in an incredibly stressful situation. Make a note of these statements that make employers think “Uh oh,” so you can avoid them.

I hate my job.

Admitting you are unhappy in your current position may make you seem difficult to please. Plus, unless you are changing careers, the two jobs are probably similar. Keep things positive with a comment such as, “I am looking forward to a new challenge.”

My boss was horrible.

Never, ever bad-mouth past employers or co-workers. Even if your boss is the biggest loser on the planet, sharing this information only makes you look bad. If your interviewer happens to ask about your relationship with your manager, emphasize how it is a fantastic learning experience. (This is true because you are learning what NOT to do.)

Sorry. I need to take this call.

Before you go into an interview, turn off or silence your cell phone and put it away. Your interviewer is expecting you to put your best foot forward during this 45- to 60-minute meeting. If you interrupt the session to answer a phone call or send a text, you are telling your potential employer, “Other things are more important to me than this job.” No one wants to hire that person.

I could do this in my sleep.

Your goal is to be confident but not arrogant. You haven’t worked for the company yet, so be careful not to brag about how great you might be. Instead, focus on two to three specific skills and/or past experiences that would make you a great fit.

I have no idea.

You need to be honest. However, statements like “I have no idea,” or “I don’t know,” are too blunt and leave a poor impression. If you’re stuck on a question, try responding with, “Could I have a minute to think about this?” or “Could you explain what you mean by…?” Sometimes you will be unfamiliar with a topic, but before admitting your lack of knowledge, try to engage in a conversation and demonstrate what you do know.

Nope. I don’t have any questions.

You should expect the interviewer to ask, “Do you have any questions?” Be prepared by thinking of three to four insightful questions before the interview. Show you have thoroughly researched the organization and you are eager to learn more. In addition, this is a wonderful opportunity to discover if this position is right for you. Dig deeper into topics including management style, company culture and values. If you have any doubts, it’s easier to pass on a job offer than to end up stuck in the wrong place.

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