Pick Up Your Phone and Find a Job on Social Media With These Tips!

If you are job hunting, you’ve probably searched the internet for openings, visited job boards and even looked around the neighborhood for Help Wanted signs. But, have you considered social media? 

That’s right. Social Media isn’t just for personal posts anymore. Learn how you can use your social accounts to advance your career.  


Designed as a social network for professionals, LinkedIn continues to be top spot for job seekers. As of early 2019, American companies posted over 3 million jobs on LinkedIn each month. Follow these tips to make LinkedIn work for you. 

  • Treat your LinkedIn profile like your online resume; 
  • Include links to other sites displaying your work; 
  • Follow companies of interest; 
  • Network by connecting with people you know or would like to know; 
  • For each connection request, add a personalized message and start a conversation; 
  • Join industryspecific groups; 
  • Contribute to discussions; 
  • If your employment search is public, let people know; 
  • If your employment search is private, turn off Sharing Profile Changes; and 
  • Use LinkedIn’s job search feature. 


What if you don’t have a LinkedIn account? No problem. Facebook recently rolled out Facebook Jobs making this platform the second most popular social network for recruiters. Here’s how to find your next opportunity on Facebook. 

  • Make sure your Facebook account is professional 
  • Add education and career experiences to your Facebook intro; 
  • If applicable, include links to other sites displaying your work; 
  • Like the companies you are interested in joining; 
  • If your employment search is public, let people know; 
  • Join job-related groups; 
  • Visit Facebook Jobs to look for and apply to positions. 


Although Twitter isn’t as well known for its job search features as LinkedIn or Facebook, this platform is a wonderful place to discover opportunities too. In fact, many top companies, including UPS, Pepsi and Disney, actively use Twitter to recruiter. If you want to tweet your way to your next job, try these strategies. 

  • Make sure your Twitter account is professional 
  • Add education and career experiences to your Twitter profile; 
  • Include links to other sites displaying your work; 
  • Follow companies of interest; 
  • If your employment search is public, let people know; 
  • Regularly participate in industry-related conversations; and
  • Search for general and specific hiring hashtags such as #NowHiring and #DisneyJobs.    

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