How Can You Turn Your Gig into Long-Term Job?

Are you doing freelance, contract or temporary work at a fantastic organization? Do you wish you could turn your gig into a full-time positionMaybe you can.  

Follow these five steps to improve your chances. 

1. Be Reliable

Even though you aren’t a permanent employee, the company is counting on you to get your work done. Don’t let them down. Show your team you are someone they can count on. Arrive and leave on time or early, and finish assignments when or before they are due. Have back-up plans in place for emergencies, like a broken-down car, so you still can be where you need to be. And, if you do need to take an unavoidable day off, give your manager as much notice as possible.  

2. Go Above and Beyond

Simply following directions probably won’t be enough to turn your gig into a job offer. You’ll need to step up your professional game. Once you have mastered the day-to-day responsibilities of the position, explore other ways to contribute. Look for people who seem overwhelmed and ask if you can help them out. Demonstrate your strong work ethic by requesting stretch assignments and additional tasks. And, if appropriate, brainstorm innovative ideas or experiment with creative solutions to complete work better and faster. Your goal is to make it hard for the organization to imagine life without you.   

3. Have a Positive Attitude

A little bit of enthusiasm can go a long way. Set yourself apart by coming to work full of energy and ready to tackle new challenges. Display your commitment and your dedication daily. Stay flexible, accept criticism graciously and use feedback to improve your performance.  

4. Get to Know Your Co-Workers

Make yourself a welcome member of the team by establishing meaningful relationships with your colleagues. When people genuinely like you, they will want you to stick around. Start conversations with your co-workers, find out about their lives and search for things you have in common. Even if the job doesn’t work out, this is a fantastic strategy for building both your professional and personal network.  

5. Ask About Available Openings

Not all gig employees are looking for permanent placements, so be sure people know you are interested in staying with the company. If your contract is almost up and you haven’t heard anything, be proactive. Schedule a meeting with your manager and/or recruiter and briefly outline your goalsIf the organization has a place for you, you could be in. If not, they may be willing to keep you in mind for upcoming openings or to connect you with similar positions at other great companies.    

Are You Trying to Turn Temporary Work into a Full-Time Job? 

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