So, You Made a Bad Hire… Now What?

You added a new employee to your team. You thought they would be a great fit, but things aren’t working out as planned. Uh oh. Now what?

Sometimes, despite all the best recruiting efforts, bad hires happen. And, although you can’t guarantee a perfect record, you can minimize the effects of mistakes.

Don’t Delay

Addressing a bad hire situation is no fun, and your first instinct might be to ignore the problem. After all, maybe things will get better? Or, maybe the person will quit on their own? Truly, neither of these scenarios is likely. In fact, delaying usually leads to more trouble. Plus, you’ll still have to deal with the original issue.

Be Careful About Placing Blame 

Unless your new hire intentionally faked their resume or lied in their interview, you need to ask where your hiring process let you down. What did you overlook? Qualifications? Culture fit? Personality? If you inadvertently made a bad choice, this is your mistake, and your employee is not necessarily to blame. Treat them accordingly.

Prepare for an Uncomfortable Conversation

When you sit down with your employee, they may be angry, upset or defensive. They might even cry. Before the meeting write down all your concerns. You want to give them as many details as possible so they can either improve their performance or reconsider their career path. Statements such as, “You just aren’t working out,” fail to provide any direction. Be calm and direct, and don’t forget to ask for their perspective too. Encouraging an open dialogue can help you pinpoint what went wrong. And, you can use this information to avoid future bad hires.

Search for Solutions

Once you have outlined the problems, focus on how to resolve this issue. If your employee seems open to suggestions and eager to please, you may be able to work with them. Additional training or extra support could allow them to grow into the role. On the other hand, if the individual appears resistant and argumentative, it may be in everyone’s best interest for them to move on. In a best-case scenario, your recent hire might be relieved to have your assistance in escaping what has turned out to be a tough situation for them too.

Make the Call

After assessing the circumstances and talking with your new employee, decide upon the best course of action. Certainly, hiring mistake are costly, time-consuming and inconvenient. But, recognize when it’s time to cut your losses. If you act quickly enough, you still may have former candidates to choose from.

Finally, when appropriate, attempt to provide bad hires with as much support as possible. This may have been difficult for you, but devasting for them. A little empathy goes a long way.

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