How To Make Your Warehouse Jobs Sound More Desirable

Filling warehouse jobs can be challenging. After all, working in a warehouse isn’t most people’s first choice. However, finding employees isn’t an impossible task. Sometimes, using a slightly different approach makes all the difference.

Use these five strategies to craft more appealing job descriptions that attract the right candidates.

Give the Job Meaning

Warehouse workers fill orders. They pick, pack, scan, move products and track inventory. So, how does this change the world? Well, can you imagine life without stores or online shopping? Most of us can’t. And, to have products readily available and/or delivered to our doors at the click of a button, we NEED warehouse workers. Instead of simply listing duties and expectations, also detail why this role is vital for your company, your customers and the modern economy.

Be Up Front

Warehouses are notorious for less than ideal working conditions. Often, the work is fast-paced and repetitive. Employees may have to meet pre-established quotas with limited break time. In addition, climate conditions may range from very cool in food distribution facilities to very warm in outdoor loading bays. Rather than hiring people who quit out of frustration on their first day, let applicants know exactly what the position involves. Yes. This may chase some people away, but the candidates who do apply will be more prepared to tackle the job.

Sell the Benefits

Although this line of work is difficult, it offers advantages too. Recent research shows sitting at a desk all day increases the risk for weight gain, disease and early death. Warehouse work, on the other hand, keeps employees moving and active. Plus, depending on the company, employees may have the opportunity to complete a wide variety of tasks and constantly learn new skills. Highlight the good parts too.

Emphasize Opportunities for Growth

Usually, warehouse associates are entry-level employees with a high school degree. As a result, there’s lots of room for growth. In fact, many companies prefer to hire managers and supervisors who have experienced the business from the bottom up. If your organization believes in promoting from within, use this as a selling point as well.

Clarify Compensation

You may hesitate to list your hourly pay rate especially if you can’t compete with the larger corporations. But, once again, full disclosure is the best policy. (Why waste time on applicants who will drop out as soon as they find out what the job pays?) Also, remember, money isn’t everything. Include ALL your perks. Benefits, such as a family-atmosphere, flexible scheduling, tuition assistance, paid time off, health insurance and retirement plans, can be just as attractive as a slightly higher salary.

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