3 Tips to Get You Through Unemployment

Maybe you are struggling to land your first job? Maybe you were laid off or fired? Or, maybe you quit to escape a tough situation? Regardless of the circumstances, unemployment can make you feel terrible.

Are you struggling to cope with this setback? Use these strategies to get back on the road to success.

Recognize It’s OK to Feel Bad

Did you know job loss usually ranks as one of the top ten most stressful life-changing events? And, searching for work is no picnic either. You’re bound to face a roller coaster of emotions ranging from excitement to frustration to disappointment. Then, add to all this an identity crisis. Most of us define ourselves, at least in part, by our work. So now when somebody asks you that unavoidable introductory question, “What do you do?” you’ll probably feel awkward and embarrassed. In other words, your negative emotions are real. Don’t deny them or beat yourself up when you’re having trouble staying positive. Overcoming unemployment will take time.

Stay Productive

It’s OK to be sad. However, it isn’t OK to spend 12 hours a day lying on your couch, eating chips, binge-watching TV and feeling sorry for yourself. Not only will this make you feel worse but also, you will have accomplished NOTHING. Get up and move! Bestselling author Jon Acuff (who was fired twice) recommends staying in “job shape.” Set your alarm, get up and work out. After all, now you have time to exercise. Spend the rest of the morning on your job search and dedicate the second part of your day to something else. Volunteer, freelance, consult, take a class, pursue a hobby or work a part-time job to bring in extra money. These activities will allow you to both gain new skills and feel better about yourself. In addition, keeping busy makes you look energetic and motivated. That’s exactly the type of candidate companies want to hire.

Call Your Local Staffing Service

Guess what? You don’t have to job hunt alone. That’s right. Landing the perfect position all by yourself is a nice dream, but most people have lots of help along the way. An employment agency may be able to give you the extra assistance you need. Professional recruiters can assess your skillset, offer advice and match you to best-fit roles. Plus, here’s the best part. Working with a staffing service is risk-free. Agencies charge companies, not individuals. So, if you land a job through an employment service, that’s amazing. You owe $0. And if you discover a position on your own, you aren’t under any obligation to the staffing firm. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It’s worth a second thought.

Are You Ready to Put Unemployment Behind You?

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