8 Things to NEVER Say During an Interview

Job hunting is stressful. And, it’s easy to slip up along the way. If you want to make sure you stay in the running for a position, check out this list of 8 things to NEVER say during an interview.

1. Sorry, I’m late.

Employers assume you will be on your best behavior during the interview. Showing up late is a bad sign for times ahead. Nevertheless, sometimes, things go wrong. If you get caught in an unavoidable situation, use these strategies to recover from arriving late.

2. I’m really nervous.

Most people are nervous during interviews, so there’s no need to point it out. Plus, employers are trying to find people who can stay calm under pressure. What if you just can’t keep your nerves under control? Try channeling your anxiety into excitement using this simple trick.

3. I don’t have much experience.

Pointing out any negatives in an interview isn’t a smart idea. After all, you just gave your interviewer a reason NOT to hire you. Focus on what you bring to the table instead. For example, you can offer fresh perspectives, innovative ideas and enthusiasm.

4. I don’t have any weaknesses.

At best, this statement will make the interviewer roll their eyes; at worst, you’ll seem to have an out of control ego. Everyone has a weakness. Of course, “Do you have any weaknesses?” is a tricky question to answer. So, use these tips to come up with a better response.

5. That’s a great question!

Flattering your interviewer probably isn’t going to earn you any extra points. Not to mention, most organizations use standard inquiries from a pre-set list. Prepare for commonly asked interview questions before the big day. Then, simply respond.

6. How much vacation time will I have?

Businesses are looking for energetic and motivated employees who can get the job done. If you are thinking about time off during the interview phase, this is a red flag. You don’t seem like a hard worker. Save this question for after you have received a job offer.

7. This job will look fantastic on my resume.

When companies hire someone who leaves in less than a year, they usually lose money in re-recruiting and re-training costs. Therefore, interviewers are searching for people who are willing to make a commitment. Mentioning a possible career move at the start sends a message your plans with this organization are short term.

8. I need this job.

This may be true, but you don’t want to appear desperate. If the interviewer suspects you are having trouble landing a job, they may wonder what’s wrong. And, their imagination may run wild. Substitute a comment with a more positive spin, such as, “I am thrilled to have a chance to work for this company.”

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