I Need a Job, But the Offer Wasn’t Right… What Should I Do?

When you’re searching for employment, accepting an offer seems like a no brainer. Unfortunately, sometimes, life isn’t that simple. What should you do if you need a job, but the offer wasn’t right?

Ask Yourself, “How Badly Do I Need This Position?”

If you’re currently unemployed and your job search has been going on for months, a not-quite-right full-time position with benefits may be better than no position at all. Plus, you’re already in job hunt mode. So, you could keep looking while collecting a paycheck (even if it is less than expected). On the other hand, if you’ve had several offers and lots of interviews after a few weeks, you probably can afford to be pickier.

Try to Re-Negotiate

Proceed with caution when negotiating, especially if you realize you truly need the job. Some companies will be more willing to bargain than others. Also, understand the pay rate may be final, so be creative if necessary. Asking for non-monetary benefits such as flex time or remote work options could provide long-term savings as well as a better lifestyle. (Think shorter or no commute and/or fewer childcare costs.) Don’t fall into the trap of assuming it’s all about the cash.

List the Pros and Cons

Let’s say you’ve tried negotiating, but you still aren’t 100% happy. Now, what should you do? Grab a piece of paper, fold it vertically down the middle and write Pros on one side and Cons on the other. Then, fill out both lists. Finish by ranking your top priorities. For example, if you’re completely against working third shift, your #1 priority is a con. But, if you liked the manager, your #2 priority is a pro. Although this method may sound silly, seeing your thoughts on paper can help you evaluate the situation more objectively.

Consider Possible Outcomes

Remember, jobs change over time. The manager you got along with so well may leave. You may have an opportunity to move to another shift after a few months. Or, you could get a raise within the first year. When you’re making your final decision, look at the overall picture. If the job provides a fantastic company culture and room for growth, you may be able to overlook inconveniences such as less-than-ideal hours and a smaller-than-you-hoped for paycheck. However, if the pay is low and you aren’t excited about the organization, most likely, your best bet is to keep searching.

If You Decide to Decline, Be Gracious

Sometimes, it’s in your best interest NOT to accept a job offer. Nevertheless, be careful not to burn bridges. You may cross paths with this company again, so you want to leave a positive impression. Call (don’t just email) the hiring manager and gracefully turn down the offer by following these tips.

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