Best Knee Pads to Protect Yourself in a Warehouse

Do you work in a warehouse? Are you constantly working from your knees? All that kneeling could be doing more damage than you realize. Here’s a list of five of the best knee pads to protect yourself.

Brutus 79637BR Contour Washable Knee Pads
Price Range:
Weight: 5.6 ounces

These nylon/foam knee pads protect knees from hard and soft surfaces such as tile, wood, carpet, and vinyl. Their lightweight design makes them a perfect choice for comfort and safety. The pads attach with easy on/off Velcro straps. And, as a bonus, they are 100% machine washable. This makes it easy to maintain.

DEWALT DG5204 Professional Kneepads
Price Range:
Weight: 1 pound

DEWALT’s professional knee pads provide heavy-duty protection for cement, brick, and all flooring surfaces. The design includes non-skid caps and a durable ballistic poly material shell as well as layered gel technology and closed-cell foam padding for added comfort. A slip-buckle fastener system with adjustable straps makes them easy to reposition.

JYSW Knee Pads
Price Range:
Weight: 6.9 ounces

These lightweight knee pads are suitable for a variety of activities ranging from stocking shelves to working on rooftops to playing sports. Their high-density foam construction makes them durable and comfortable. The pads also have an adjustable non-slip easy Velcro fastening system.

KP Industries Knee Pro Ultra Flex III Knee Pads
Price Range: $30
Weight: 1 pound

KP Industries knee pads offer ultimate protection with a strong hard plastic outer shell. The pads are hinged for ease of movement, and they include a ½ inch closed-cell foam inner pad for comfort. Dual speed clips allow for easy on-off and adjustments.

Troxell USA Supersoft Leatherhead Knee Pads
Price Range:
Weight: 1.19 pounds

Troxell’s patented design delivers both strength and comfort. Constructed from premium grade Neoprene, these knee pads are 100% washable. And, they have a closed-cell foam cushion. A unique single cut-to-size strap fastens in the front to prevent bunching and pinching. Troxell claims their pads are so comfy on the knees; they can be worn with shorts.

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