5 Ways FirstStaff Can Make Your Job Search Easier

Are you looking for work in Arkansas or western Texas? Is job hunting harder than you thought? FirstStaff may be able to help. Check out 5 ways our recruiters can make your job search easier.

1. You Can Apply Online

When job hunting, you may send out ten, twenty, or even one hundred resumes… and receive ZERO response. Talk about frustrating. With FirstStaff, submit your resume once using our upload resume feature. As soon as we receive your paperwork, our recruiters will automatically begin matching you with multiple job opportunities.

2. Job Alerts Will Automatically Appear in You Inbox

Discovering the right opportunity takes time. You could spend hours scrolling through job boards and not find anything that interests you. FirstStaff can eliminate this mindless searching by presenting you with only your top-choice jobs. Simply go online and sign up for either email or text alerts. Then sit back and watch the jobs roll in.

3. You’ll Have a Built-in Support System

In his best-selling book What Color Is Your Parachute?, Richard N. Bolles writes, “No one should ever have to job-hunt all by themselves if they can possibly avoid it. We all need encouragement and support along the way.” It’s true. Looking for work can be incredibly discouraging especially when you don’t hear back from companies. At FirstStaff, our recruiters will be there to cheer you on and to keep you focused every step of the way.

4. Your Recruiter Can Offer Expert Advice

Most people only job search a few times during their lives. Therefore, the process usually is new and confusing. However, recruiters work in the hiring space day in and day out. They have relationships with multiple companies. And, they are familiar with current trends, preferred skill sets, and pay rates. A recruiter may be able to help you improve your resume, connect with a hiring manager, perfect your interview skills or even negotiate a higher salary.

5. You’ll Be Matched with the Best-Fit Opportunities

Sometimes you go through all the trouble of writing your resume, applying to a position, and interviewing… only to discover the company isn’t right for you. Ugh. Now, you need to start over. FirstStaff can save you from this aggravating situation. As part of our hiring process, our recruiters will meet with you personally. We’ll assess your skills as well as your career goals, so we can match you with positions and organizations most closely matching your requirements. As a result, you’ll increase your odds of landing the right fit the first time.

Are You Ready to Let FirstStaff Make Your Job Search Easier?

Our recruiters are looking forward to talking with you. We place light industrial workers and administrative and office professionals in Little Rock, AR, and the surrounding areas. Submit your resume and start planning for your new job today!


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