Do I Have to Pay to Work with a Staffing Agency?

You’re looking for a job and you’re thinking about calling an employment agency. So, how much will this cost? Here’s the great news! You don’t have to pay to work with a staffing firm.

What If a Staffing Agency Tells Me I DO Have to Pay?

Unfortunately, you may run into a recruiter or agency that tries to charge you. BEWARE! Reputable services do NOT collect money from individual job seekers. In fact, most firms provide complimentary skill assessments, job matching, resume reviews and interview coaching. Of course, some agencies offer additional services such as career counseling for a fee. However, these would be add-ons and not part of the standard free package.

What If I Am Working With a Staffing Agency and Then Find a Job on My Own?

You are in the middle of job hunting with an employment agency, and suddenly a long-shot dream role comes through. Uh-oh. Now what? Don’t worry. Recruiters understand you may or may not find a position through them. Either way, you won’t be charged but let the agency know what happened. Just like everyone else, recruiters hate getting ghosted.

So, How DOES a Staffing Agency Make Money?

You may wonder, “If I’m not paying, how do employment agencies stay in business?” Staffing firms charge companies rather than job seekers. For some organizations, recruiting, screening, and hiring employees can be an enormous expense. These businesses find it easier and more cost-effective to outsource these services. You could compare this to paying an accountant to do your taxes or hiring a landscaping service to mow your lawn rather than struggling through everything by yourself. Although payment methods depend on the arrangement, usually, the agency receives an amount based on the employee’s pay. For example, if a direct-hire candidate accepts a position for $75,000 per year, the staffing firm may collect 50% or $37,500. And to clarify, the company (not the employee) pays this fee.

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