Were You Caught Lying on Your Resume?

Everyone knows you shouldn’t exaggerate on a job application, but you made a poor decision. And… you got caught lying on your resume. Now what?

Usually, companies spot resume lies during the interview process. Other times, years go by before the truth is overcovered. Either way, you’re in a tough spot. Be prepared to be eliminated from consideration or to lose your job. Although this may seem like the end of the world, it’s not. Follow these strategies to make the best of this tricky situation.

Admit Your Mistake

After this terrible experience, now you KNOW honesty is the best policy. Don’t dig yourself into a deeper hole with more lies. Come clean and apologize. Keep your explanation brief and to the point. A long-winded justification isn’t going to be useful at this point. For example, you might say, “I was so excited to work at this organization, and I made the wrong choice. I sincerely apologize for any harm and embarrassment I caused.” Remember, your confession won’t change the outcome. Nevertheless, your interviewer or employer will have to give you credit for being truthful in the end.

Withdraw Your Application or Leave the Job

This isn’t a “You can’t fire me because I quit” scenario. Ultimately, you need to take responsibility for your actions. You were hired or interviewed based on false information, and you put the company in an uncomfortable spot. Rather than waiting around for them to tell you the bad news, make the first move. Again, this isn’t going to change the final result, but it can allow you to save face.

Make a Fresh Start

You’ve learned your lesson… and now you’re unemployed. Uh-oh. Before you start to panic, take a deep breath. People DO overcome professional obstacles. First, rewrite your resume. Only, this time be 100% honest. Next, adjust your expectations. You may have inflated your qualifications because you were trying to move up the ladder too quickly. And, finally, calculate the damage. If you lied on a single application and got caught early in the interview process, you should be able to put this behind you. However, if you worked at an organization for years before a lie was discovered, you’re going have trouble getting positive recommendations. In this case, you may need to rebuild your reputation and your career from the bottom up.

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