How to Remain Productive During Coronavirus

The COVID-19 outbreak is scary. And with everything that’s going on, your employees probably are finding it difficult to concentrate. Help your staff remain productive during Coronavirus using these management strategies.

Provide Reassurance

Unfortunately, you can’t guarantee your employees won’t get sick. And, you can’t control the global economy. However, you CAN let your staff know you will do everything in your power to care for them. This may include providing protective gear, safer working conditions, and paid time off as well as a company-wide commitment to keeping your business on track. Remember, ultimately, fear is a productivity killer. But when your employees know you have their best interests at heart, they will be better able to focus on the task at hand rather than on everything that might go wrong.

Discourage Constant News Checking

The 24-hour news cycle can be extremely distracting. Those breaking updates encourage mind wandering, negative thoughts, and uncertainly, all three of which wreak havoc on productivity and innovation. (Fast Company, 2020) Politely request your employees refrain from reading or watching media during working hours.

Set Your Team Up for Remote Success (If Applicable)

If your organization is in a position where your employees can work from home, hopefully, you can continue to run business as (mostly) usual. Nevertheless, it’s important to recognize the challenges of telecommuting and prepare your team accordingly. Especially when remote work is a new experience for your staff, you’ll want to address the following:

  • Supply the necessary tools. These may include everything from a reliable internet connection with adequate security and privacy protocols to basic office supplies.
  • Implement standard communication methods. Whether it’s project management systems, cloud-based suites, virtual conferencing services or messaging platforms, make sure everyone knows what to use and how to use it.
  • Establish remote office guidelines. Some employees may struggle with a lack of workplace structure. So, you’ll need to clarify expectations such as preferred working hours, check-in requirements, and deadlines.

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