Best Practices to Ensure Your Staff Stays Healthy

Being in good physical and mental shape helps your team to be more productive. And productive employees help your business succeed. So, how can your company encourage wellness? Follow these best practices to ensure your staff stays healthy.

Identify a Wellness Leader or Team

If your organization is serious about employee health, you’ll need to develop a comprehensive program. This requires continuous leadership. Choose a point person and set up a small committee. The team will be responsible for setting and implementing policies, tracking results, making improvements, and sharing updates regularly.

Establish a Wellness Program

According to, a wellness program should “improve and promote health and fitness.” In other words, this isn’t as simple as setting up a gym and hoping employees use it. Wellness benefits may include preventative health screenings, wellness coaching, on-site facilities, and fitness discounts as well as smoking cessation, diabetes management, and weight loss programs. Many insurance companies offer wellness benefits as part of their packages. Therefore, your organization may be able to build off these existing programs.

Advertise Available Health Perks

Even a top-notch wellness program is worthless if no one uses it. Resist the temptation to send your employees a 50-page document outlining wellness perks once a year. (Chances are, they won’t read it.) Instead, keep your program top of mind with frequent reminders. For example, once a month, you could compose an email with a fun graphic that reads, “Did you know…” and then highlights one benefit.

Make Wellbeing Part of Your Corporate Culture

Let’s say your company actively encourages everyone to exercise, but then forces your employees to work grueling hours in a high-stress environment. Clearly, your organization is sending a mixed message. Be sure to look at overall employee health. This may include everything from diet and exercise to workplace safety to sleep deprivation. And, attempt to support wellness initiatives as part of the everyday fabric of your business.

Promote Healthy Habits on a Regular Basis

Often, minor changes have a significant impact. Try to nudge your employees in a healthier direction by hosting at least one wellness-related activity each month. A sample six-month schedule might look something like this:

  • January – Hold a contest to see who logs the most hours of exercise.
  • February – Host a coffee break with fresh fruit instead of donuts.
  • March – Offer all employees a free stress-reduction class.
  • April – Encourage everyone to take a 15-minute walk during their lunch break.
  • May – Organize a team to participate in a local fun run/walk event.
  • June – Make a healthy company-wide investment such as standing desks or improved safety equipment.

Are You Looking for More Ways to Ensure Your Staff Stays Healthy?

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