Can a Positive Attitude Really Change Your Career Path?

Sometimes we run into potholes, detours, or even road closures along our career path. And although setbacks are discouraging, it’s important to look on the bright side too. Here’s how maintaining a positive attitude can change your outcomes.

Why a Positive Attitude Can Change Your Career Path

To demonstrate the impact of a positive attitude, we’ll look at two characters – Positive Pete and Negative Ned.

A Positive Attitude Turns Obstacles into Opportunities

Both Positive Pete and Negative Ned just completed a major project at work. It did NOT go well. Pete, of course, stayed positive. He apologized for his shortcomings, thought about what went wrong, and made a list of what he could do to improve next time. Negative Ned, on the other hand, complained the project was too difficult and blamed his coworkers for everything that went wrong. Pete’s positivity allowed him to view obstacles as learning experiences rather than as barriers. As a result, he’ll be able to turn his current problems into future successes.

A Positive Attitude Keeps You from Giving Up

Positive Pete and Negative Ned were up for a promotion, but the job went to Fantastic Fred. Pete congratulated Fred and then scheduled a meeting with his manager to discuss his upcoming career goals. Ned was frustrated and claimed he’d never try for a promotion again. Once again, a positive attitude kept Pete going even when the going got tough. And often, refusing to give up is what ultimately leads to success.

How to Develop a More Positive Attitude

So, all you need do is turn yourself into a Positive Pete. Of course, this is easier said than done. However, it IS possible. Use these tips to begin your transformation.

Rewire Your Thoughts

Unfortunately, human brains are hardwired to think negative thoughts. Scientists call this negativity bias. As a result, we must train our brains to be more positive. Neuroscientist Rick Hanson suggests a simple strategy called Notice-Shift-Rewire. For example, let’s say your car breaks down on the way to work. You Notice you are angry. You Shift your thinking to something positive, such as “It’s a good thing I just renewed my AAA membership.” Eventually, with practice, you’ll begin to Rewire your brain and permanently change your mindset.

Choose Your Attitude

While you’re tackling the long-term goal of rewiring your brain, you also can start having a more positive attitude right now. As best-selling author Jon Acuff observes, changing your attitude could take years, but choosing it takes a handful of seconds. Acuff recommends, “Tomorrow at work, choose to have a good attitude… Choose not to complain. Choose to cheer for the accomplishments of your coworkers. Choose to treat customers like superstars. Choose your attitude every day until, eventually, it chooses you right back.”

Are You Hoping to Redirect Your Career Path in a More Positive Direction?

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