The Main Reason You Should Always Keep Your Resume & Cover Letter Updated

Updating your resume and cover letter takes time, and you probably feel as though you have better things to do. However, don’t overlook this important task. Here’s why you should always keep your application materials up to date.

The Main Reason to Keep You Application Materials Current

You need to keep your resume and cover letter updated because well, you never know. Your job is stable and secure until something unexpected happens. A global pandemic hits, and your company closes, or a new boss eliminates your position. Of course, change can be positive too. You may be asked to apply for a new role, or another company could approach you with a job offer. In ANY of these cases, having a ready-to-go resume works to your advantage. Because rather than frantically scrambling to put things together, you’ll be prepared.

Other Advantages to Regularly Revising Your Resume

  • You Can Stay One Step Ahead of the Competition
    If something does come up, you’ll be able to produce a current and polished resume and cover letter within hours instead of within days. This can help you launch a job search faster. Or, if you’ve been asked to apply for a position, a hiring manager is sure to be impressed by your speedy reply.
  • Your Application Materials Will Be More Accurate
    When you haven’t revisited your resume in years, it’s easy to forget minor (or even major) accomplishments. When did you get that promotion? How many certifications did you earn last year? Whereas making regular updates will allow you to be more thorough.
  • Your Resume Will Be More Likely to Attract Attention
    A hiring manager or recruiter browsing on LinkedIn won’t give a five-year-old resume a second glance. They are searching for up-to-date information. As a result, if you want your resume to create opportunities, make it current.

Tips for Updating Your Resume and Cover Letter

  • Keep a Running List
    Obviously, you don’t want to work on your resume every night, but you do want to stay on top of your achievements. Therefore, record anything notable on a pad, on your computer, or on your phone. Then, transfer this information over to your application materials when needed.
  • Revisit Your Resume Either Once a Year or After Major Accomplishments
    So, how often should you revise your resume? Usually, once a year is enough, especially if you are tracking your achievements. The exception would be if you experience a career-changing event such as switching jobs or earning a degree.
  • Remember to Update Your Online Presence Too
    Finally, having an up-to-date resume tucked away on your computer will have a limited impact. Be sure to put it out there! Post your newest version online and update your social media profiles, like LinkedIn, too.

Are You Looking for More Resume and Cover Letter Advice?

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