Summer Perks to Boost Employee Morale

Summer is here with warmer temperatures, outdoor events, and of course, a more distracted workforce. So, how can you keep everyone engaged while still embracing the fun of the season? Check out these five perks to boost employee morale.

Flexible Hours

According to a recent survey, employees listed flexible scheduling as their most desirable summer perk. (Fast Company, 2019) Although many managers worry flexible hours could turn into reduced hours, this can be easily avoided. However, you need to clearly communicate expectations to your team. For example, with longer daylight hours, you could allow employees to report to work one hour earlier in exchange for half-day Fridays. This gives your workers longer summer weekends without cutting into your company’s production schedule.

Extra Days Off

An extra day off (or two or three) during the summertime can be a wonderful surprise for your workforce. And hopefully, the boost in morale and productivity will make up for the lost time. If the 4th of July falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, you could tack on the extra Monday or Friday for a four-day weekend. Or consider giving your team members a few rotating Fridays off throughout the summer months.

Spontaneous Activities

Especially if business is slower during June, July, and August, use this as a chance to do something interesting. Even though company-wide barbecues are exciting, there’s no need to break the bank with major events. You could ask an ice cream truck to stop by and pick up the tab, install picnic tables so employees can enjoy their breaks outside or organize a friendly lunchtime bocce ball game.

Coverage for Vacations

Taking a well-deserved weeklong summer vacation only to return to a week’s worth of overdue tasks will break any employee’s spirit. Therefore, develop a sustainable plan allowing your workers to enjoy their time off AND return to a reasonable workload. If your company is in a position to hire additional help, summer interns and/or temporary workers may be an option. Whereas, if you’re trying to keep expenses in check, you could ask employees from other departments to pitch in. After all, those who are hoping to learn new skills may view this as an amazing professional development opportunity.

A Climate Controlled Environment

Sweltering temperatures and high humidity are certain to make workers more sluggish. While air conditioning may be standard for most offices, don’t forget about those who work outdoors or in non-climate-controlled spaces like loading docks. In these cases, access to an air-conditioned break room or a misting tent will be greatly appreciated by everyone.


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