4 Ways to Find a New Job in a New City

Searching for employment can be a daunting task. And when you’re in the process of moving or when you’ve recently relocated, the challenge is even greater. But don’t worry, you’ve got this. Here are four tips for finding a new job in a new city.

1. Update Your Location

A resume or social media account with an out-of-state address may make a potential employer nervous. If you don’t live here, why are you applying here? Since you aren’t yet able to explain the reasons behind your move, keep things as straight forward as possible. When you’ve already relocated, simply change your address, and when you’re still looking for a place to live, list the city and state of your hoped-for destination. Also, remember, you’re more likely to show up in online search results if your social media location matches a company’s zip code. And wouldn’t it be nice if a hiring manager found you before you arrived?

2. Activate Your Extended Network

As with any job search, enlist the help of your friends, family, and acquaintances. Specifically, ask, “Do you know anyone in this city?” Often a connection of a connection will be willing to provide not only job-hunting tips but also advice about familiarizing yourself with your new town. If your personal network is limited, consider exploring high school and college alumni groups as well as social organizations to which you belong. These networks usually have a much wider reach.

3. Be Prepared to Explain Your Move

Your resume and social media accounts may reflect your new location, but a hiring manager is going to realize you used to live out of town when they see the address of your past employer. Once again, this could make them nervous. Do you move frequently? Or are you planning to ask for relocation pay? Calm their fears by clearly stating the reasons for your recent decision in your cover letter. Maybe you’re excited to live in your dream city? Maybe your spouse/partner took a new job in this area? Or maybe you’re moving to be closer to family? Similarly, have a well-rehearsed response in case this question comes up in an interview.

4. Connect with a Local Staffing Agency

When you’re looking for employment in a new city, a staffing agency can be an amazing resource. Local recruiters understand the ins and outs of the area. They know which companies are hiring and what the going salary rates are. A recruiter may be able to find you the right fit faster and easier than if you attempt to tackle everything on your own. Plus, since staffing agencies charge companies, not candidates, you can take advantage of all their services for FREE.

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