5 Ways to Ensure Diversity and Inclusion Values at Your Company

Most businesses strive to be diverse and inclusive, but achieving this goal requires a dedicated effort. Is your organization wondering where to begin? Use these five tips to help ensure diversity and inclusion values at your company.

Hire Smarter

The first step in promoting diversity and inclusion values is to assemble a diverse team. And unfortunately, a poorly designed hiring process can derail your plans from the start. Biases such as affinity bias (hiring people like you) and confirmation bias (pre-determining the right type of person for the role) will result in a homogenous group even if you intended otherwise. Hiring experts recommend strategies such as blind resume reviews and experiential interviews to keep you focused on skills and experiences rather than appearances and personal backgrounds.

Sell the Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion

D&I programs aren’t only the right thing to do. They’re good business too. An ongoing 2019 analysis by Mckinsey & Company shows, “The most diverse companies are now more likely than ever to outperform less diverse peers on profitability.” This makes sense since diverse and inclusive organizations attract a greater range of talent, have more engaged employees and better understand their customer’s needs. Regularly outlining how D&I positivity impacts your businesses’ bottom line encourages everyone from board members to entry-level employees to actively support your efforts.

Create a Company-Wide Initiative

Diversity and inclusion can’t be an afterthought. Simply running a workshop once a year isn’t enough. As America’s best employers for diversity show, D&I programs must be an essential part of your organization’s being. Effective tactics may include appointing a head of diversity and inclusion, tracking progress with a data-driven approach and promoting Employee Resource Groups (ERG).

Review Current Policies

Despite their best intentions, many companies have tried-and-true traditions that interfere with diversity and inclusion. For example, the annual Christmas party may be uncomfortable for people with different religious beliefs, while strict nine-to-five hours could make the job undesirable for working parents. Take a step back and truly consider the potential effects of institutionalized (and possibly unnecessary) policies.

Ask for Employee Input

Ultimately, the goal of diversity and inclusion is to allow EVERYONE to bring their unique perspectives to the table. However, with so many different points of view, it’s easy to overlook something. Although open communication and ERGs are key, your organization may also choose to use anonymous diversity and inclusion surveys. These surveys can help employees express their ideas in a safe setting. Plus, regular feedback will give your company a better idea of how you are performing and what areas you need to continue to address.

Are You Looking for More Ways to Improve Your Organization?

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