How to Make Your Temp Employees Feel A Part of the Team

Sure, temps are temporary. That’s why many companies fail to invest in these workers who are ultimately an essential part of their success. Is your organization hoping to do better? Here’s how to make your temp employees feel a part of the team.

Tell Temporary Employees WHY They Are Important

Usually temps are brought in to cover for employees on long-term leave or assist companies with seasonal or large projects. In other words, temps are essential. Without them, your business and your other staff would struggle to get the job done. Therefore, publicly celebrate their contributions with shout outs, thank you notes and small gifts.

Offer a Special Onboarding Program for Temps

Most organizations recognize the importance of onboarding for regular employees. But unfortunately, these same businesses often send temporary employees straight to work without so much as a welcome. Of course, onboarding for temps doesn’t need to be as comprehensive as onboarding for permanent staff members. Yet, even dedicating a few hours to introductions, tours and training can make a significant difference. Assigning them a mentor or go-to person is another useful idea.

Be Transparent

Because temporary work is, by its nature, flexible, you may not be able to give temps an exact timeline. However, try to provide them with as much information as possible. Are you on track to finish a project earlier than expected? Let them know, so they can begin looking for other open positions. Do you bring in a temporary staff every summer to cover seasonal work? Keep in touch, so you can re-add top workers to your team. In addition, be upfront about long-term opportunities for employment. If you only occasionally hire temps, this needs to be part of the conversation. After all, you don’t want your temporary workers to have unrealistic expectations.

Provide Opportunities for Advancement

Although a strong temp-to-hire program gives temporary staff something to work toward, this isn’t an option for all businesses. Nevertheless, your organization can still assist temps in building their careers. For example, you could include them in professional development activities, refer them to other companies that ARE hiring or offer to write letters of recommendation.

Ask for Feedback

If you’re truly invested in improving your temporary program, it’s important to request feedback from the temps themselves. Before people depart, ask them to complete an anonymous survey with questions like, “What did you like?” “What didn’t you like?” and “What could we do to improve? Their insights will allow you to improve conditions for your temporary employees. And this, in turn, will result in a better reputation for your organization, higher-quality temps and increases in overall productivity.

Are You Looking to Add Temp Employees to Your Team?

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