Why a Contract Position Is Perfect For You

In 2018, one of five jobs in the U.S. was held by a worker under contract. And estimates predict contractors and freelancers could make up half the American workforce within the next decade. (NPR, 2018) So, could a contract position be perfect for you? Here’s why the answer may be “Yes!”

You Need to Build Your Resume

Especially when you’re recently graduated or switching careers, searching through the job boards is a frustrating experience. Frequently, position after position requires “at least 3-5 years of experience.” But, how are you supposed to get experience when you can’t get a job? Often, contract work is the perfect answer. Since contract jobs usually have less stringent hiring requirements, you’ll be able to land those roles more easily. Then, you can use these experiences to fill out your resume. Plus, successfully working in various roles and with various companies shows you quickly adapt to new situations. And that’s a skill hiring managers love to see.

You’d Like to Get Your Foot in the Door

If you’ve worked successfully at a company as a contractor, you’ll have a better chance of getting hired full time than someone who only sent in an application. After all, you’re a less risky choice because people at this organization already know your capabilities. They’ve seen the quality of your work. In fact, they’ll probably even be willing to overlook that annoying experience requirement. For more tips on putting your best foot forward as a contractor, read this post on how to turn your gig into a long-term job.

You’re Interested in Testing Out Different Options

Sometimes deciding to accept a permanent placement is stressful. What if you end up not liking the job? Or what if the working environment turns out to be terrible? Contract work allows you to eliminate those worries because you have real-life, on-the-job experience. So, when (or if) you’re ready to commit to a long-term position, you’ll have a much better idea of what the job involves.

You Prefer Flexible Working Conditions

Maybe you’d like to take some time off to travel? Maybe you’re in between things? Or maybe you simply enjoy the novelty of switching jobs? Whatever your reasons, contract work offers the flexibility you desire. And since roles may vary from one week to several years, you can choose what works best for you.

You’re Hoping to Make Extra Money

Whether you’re unemployed or trying to make some additional spending money, contracting is a fantastic choice. Placements may range from full-time to a few hours per week, so you can decide what fits your schedule. And, if you find yourself under or overextended, you’ll be able to either pick up or decline assignments.

Are You Looking for a Contract Position That’s Perfect for You?

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