Questions You Should Be Prepared For in a Warehouse Interview

You applied for a warehouse job and received a call for an interview. That’s great news! So, what will the hiring manager ask? Here are five questions you should be prepared for in a warehouse interview.

Common Warehouse Interview Questions

  1. Tell Me About Yourself.

    This is a standard way to open interviews across industries, but don’t be fooled! The hiring manager is truly asking a slightly different question. Namely, “Why are you, with your unique talents and abilities, the best person for this job?” Thus, rather than talking about your hobbies or your family, highlight the skills and experiences that make you a great candidate. For more tips, check out our blog post “Tell Me About Yourself.” Well, Where Do I Begin?

  2. Why Do You Want to Work in a Warehouse?

    Your first thought may be, “I need a job, and the money is good.” However, before you let those words escape from your mouth, consider how uninspiring they sound. Instead, focus on something to set yourself apart from other candidates. For instance, maybe you are a huge fan of this company? Or maybe you’re looking for hands-on experiences to build your career?

  3. What Do You Think This Job Involves?

    You’ve probably heard a story about someone who took a warehouse job and quit after a few hours. It’s true. Warehouse jobs aren’t for everyone. The interviewer wants to make sure you have realistic expectations so you will stick around. Ultimately, this saves both the company AND you time. Therefore, do your homework. If you don’t have previous warehouse experience, talk to someone who does or research what it’s like to work in a warehouse.

  4. Do You Have Any Experience with Heavy Machinery?

    Having forklift certification or knowing how to repair equipment is a huge plus in any warehouse environment. If you’re entry-level, don’t worry. Expressing an interest in learning more works to your advantage too, since many companies offer on-the-job and/or paid training.

  5. How Do You Handle Working Under Pressure?

    Warehouse jobs are high-pressure and high-speed. The hiring manager wants to see if you’re up for the challenge. To give the best response, tell a brief story about how you successfully tackled a stressful situation. Maybe you worked in retail during the holiday season? Maybe you have fast food experience? Or maybe you juggled a full-time job while also attending school?

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