5 Tips to Creating a Company Culture That Attracts Talent

How do you put together a top team of employees? It’s a complicated formula that includes the right compensation, the right benefits and, of course, the right culture. Use these 5 tips to tackle the last piece – a company culture that attracts talent.

How to Create a Culture That Attracts Talent

  1. Provide Purpose

    Talented employees don’t simply want something to work on. They want something to work toward. Author Simon Sinek refers to this as finding your WHY. In his famous TED Talk, Sinek explains, most organizations know WHAT they do and HOW they do it. However, he says companies should also address the WHY. “Why does your organization exist? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? And why should anyone care?” When employees know WHAT they do, they have a job. When employees know WHY they do it, they are inspired with a higher purpose.

  1. Clarify Your Mission

    As Daniel Coyle observes in his book, The Culture Code, merely defining your purpose isn’t enough. You can’t carve a mission statement in granite, walk away and assume everyone understands what it means. In fact, Coyle says the most impactful leaders drastically overcommunicate their priorities. They paint them on walls, stamped them in emails, drop them into conversation, and repeat them over and over until they became part of the oxygen.

  1. Embrace Your Culture

    So, now you defined AND broadcasted your mission. But… do you truly do what you say you do? Patty McCord, the former chief talent officer at Netflix, points out a company’s culture is more than “professing a set of values and operating principles. It’s a matter of identifying the behaviors that you would like to see become consistent practices and then instilling the discipline of actually doing them.”

  1. Hire the Right People

    Building a team people want to join isn’t about recruiting the biggest name, the top accountant or the cleverest engineer. Instead, Laszlo Bock, the former SVP of People Operations at Google, encourages companies to hire for both talent and fit. He writes, you want to find “the people who will perform their best here, not the ones who will perform better elsewhere.”

  1. Make Professional Development a Priority

    Top talent isn’t satisfied with the status quo. These individuals are looking to learn, advance, and grow. Cultures that attract talent recognize the importance of ongoing professional development.  Successful professional development programs may include everything from free workshops to hands-on training to full or partial tuition assistance.

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