How Better Communication With Your Staffing Agency Can Improve Productivity

Is your company hiring through a staffing firm or employment agency? If so, you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Here’s how better communication with your staffing agency can improve productivity.

How Better Communication Improves Productivity

Bring in the Right Employees

Even a single underperforming employee will slow your business down. Therefore, it’s important to hire people who can do the job. When you tell a staffing firm exactly whom you need, they’ll identify candidates who are qualified and motivated. In addition, many firms assist with training and onboarding, so your new hires reach full productivity faster.

Decrease Downtime

Your organization doesn’t want people standing around with nothing to do. Nor do you want your regular employees stretched to their limit with more work than they can handle. In both cases, your business will lose money. An employment agency gives you staffing flexibility. By informing them how many contract workers you would like to add or subtract to/from your team, you’ll maximize efficiency.

Reduce Time-to-Hire

When a permanent employee leaves your company, their absence disrupts everyday operations. Not only are you short-staffed but also, you’re faced with the extra work of finding a replacement. Each day the position sits open you have more to do with fewer resources. When you coordinate hiring through a staffing agency, they’ll focus on finding candidates quickly. This allows you to concentrate on getting your business back to full speed.

Tips Communicate with Your Staffing Agency

Cleary Outline Your Needs

Recruiters are hiring experts, but ultimately, they can only act on the knowledge they have. Don’t assume they have all the facts or withhold information. Share job descriptions, desired qualifications, preferred paid, possible short- and long-term openings as well as production/staffing statistics. The more data the staffing firm has, the better they’ll be able to serve you.

Provide Insights into Your Organization

Keep in mind, your business has a personality, a culture and a brand. A candidate who technically has all the right qualifications may not fit in with your group. To give the employment agency a deeper understanding of your organization, invite them to tour your facilities. Of course, in-person is preferable, but virtual options work too.

Offer Feedback

For the best overall results, share positive AND negative feedback. Was the temporary employee they sent over last week amazing? Let the recruiters know, so they can send more of the same. Is the list of candidates for an open position underwhelming? Make a phone call to discuss what may have gone wrong. A few minor corrections to the job description may solve the problem. By engaging in an ongoing and honest dialogue, each of your companies will be able to form the most productive relationship.

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