Love the Job, But Not the Pay? How to Approach the Hiring Manager

You just received a job offer. And you’re incredibly excited… until you see the salary. So, what can you do when you love the job but not the pay? Here’s how to approach the hiring manager.

Calculate Your Worth

When you’re not happy with the amount of money a company offered, start by asking yourself, “Are they being unrealistic, or am I?” The best way to answer this question is by doing a bit of research. Websites like LinkedIn Salary and Payscale offer free salary estimates. Remember, factors such as credentials, experience, job responsibilities and location can all impact your pay too.

Have a Number Ready

Now that you know approximately how much you should be paid, set a number. Experts recommend picking a figure near the top of your range because usually, you’ll end up negotiating down. Other studies show asking for a specific amount, say $64,750 instead of $65,000, will work to your advantage. For more tips, check out How to Negotiate Your Salary.

Present Your Case

Let the hiring manager know you are enthusiastic about the position but tell them you have concerns about the pay. Reference your salary research and emphasize the value you bring to the table. Ultimately, if you can show you are worth more than the company is offering, they may be more willing to rethink their number.

Consider Perks

Sometimes, businesses don’t have much wiggle room when it comes to salaries. If this happens, consider other benefits including retirement packages, profit sharing and flexible scheduling. Many people are willing to accept less money in exchange for a healthier work/life balance. Whereas other perks may pay for themselves. For example, working remotely can save you thousands of dollars per year in commuting costs.

Avoid Ultimatums

If you get want you want, you’ll be working with these people. If you don’t, you may run into them again. Either way, burning bridges is a terrible idea. Therefore, avoid statements like, “Unless you give me X amount, I’m out.” After all, negotiation is supposed to be a strategic discussion.

Be Prepared to Walk Away

Along with your hoped-for income, decide what’s the minimum amount you could possibly accept. If the hiring manager won’t budge, recognize it’s time to move on. Walking away may be tough. However, when an organization refuses to pay you fairly at the start, chances are, things won’t get better.

Express Your Gratitude

Regardless of the outcome, follow up with a gracious Thank You note or email. Even if you decided not to take the job, you want to leave a positive impression. Because keep in mind, you may run into this hiring manager again.

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