A Temporary Job Is the Perfect Key to a Work-Life Balanced Summer

Are you looking for a new or a first job this summer but worried about maintaining a healthy work-life balance? Have you considered a temporary placement? If not, this can be a wonderful option, especially during the busier months. Here are three reasons why a temporary job may be the perfect key to maintaining a work-life balanced summer.

Temporary Jobs Offer …

Career Building Opportunities

Contract or temporary placements are a fantastic way to expand your resume. Usually, companies are less restrictive when hiring temporary workers. So even if you don’t have ALL the necessary qualifications, they still may be willing to bring you on. This gives you a chance to increase your skill set, gain experience and grow your network. Plus, you can get your foot in the door. In many cases, organizations prefer to hire permanent workers from their temporary team. To learn more, check out How to Leverage Short-Term Work to Advance Your Career.

A Faster Hiring Process

In most cases, hiring takes time. You may have a phone interview, an in-person interview and then another interview… with weeks passing in between. The next thing you know, you’ve spent the whole summer waiting around to start a job. Temporary roles will get you to work faster. Since companies hire temps to cover busy seasons or vacant positions, they need help NOW. So, you’ll be earning money and gaining experience within days instead of weeks or months.

Flexible Scheduling

Maybe you’d like to be home with your kids during the day? Maybe you’re hoping to work extra hours (and earn extra income) on the weekends? Or maybe you were thinking about taking a week-long, out-of-town vacation in the middle or July? Temporary jobs accommodate all these needs since you’ll be able pick positions that best fit your schedule. You can choose between different shifts, different days of the week AND different start and end dates. So, instead of worrying about whether you’re allowed to request time off, you’ll be booking your summer getaway.

Are You Interested in Working a Temporary Job This Summer?

FirstStaff is now hiring for immediate summer openings! We place temporary and temp-to-hire workers in light industrial, office and professional positions in Malvern, Arkansas and beyond. If you’re ready to enjoy the summer months while also building your career, our recruiters can help. Discover the advantages of job hunting through FirstStaff today!


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