How Improving Your Onboarding Process Can Improve Retention

Many businesses view onboarding as something they simply need to check off their to-do list. Have new employees fill out paperwork, introduce them to their coworkers and that’s that. However, did you know a thoughtfully designed and executed onboarding process can improve retention rates?

Why Improving Onboarding Improves Retention

You Give Your New Hires a Good First Impression

Have you ever gone to someone’s house for the first time and felt unwelcome. Maybe they forget you were coming over? Or maybe they were too busy to spend time with you? Even if you eventually get to know that person better, the original negative experience lingers in your memory. And the same holds true in the business world. When a new hire arrives and finds a company completely unprepared for their arrival, they aren’t impressed. Either they’ll think about looking for a different job immediately or they’ll struggle to overcome this rocky start.

Your New Hires Feel Like They Belong

In his book, The Culture Code, Daniel Coyle discussed the link between onboarding and belonging cues. Belonging cues connect a person to a group and set the stage for meaningful engagement. In other words, a person who walks into an organization and immediately feels as though they belong is more likely to stick around. Cues include everything from giving new hires company swag personalized with their names to setting up introductory one-on-one meetings.

Tips for Improving Your Onboarding Process

Design a Structured Program

A spontaneous onboarding process usually backfires. A well-planned program not only delivers a more consistent experience but also a more meaningful one. And although designing an effective strategy takes time, the overall long-term benefits will be worth the effort.

Extend a Warm Welcome

Show your new hires how excited you are to have them join your team. A welcome package is a nice touch. Also, make sure you are 100% prepared for their arrival. Their working space, computer, and supplies should all be ready to go.

Rethink Paperwork

No one wants to spend their first day on the job locked in a back room filling out piles of paperwork. Therefore, try to find less tedious solutions. If your paperwork is digitized, send new hires links in advance. Or, spread tasks out over the course of a week or so.

Show New Hires HOW They Fit In

New hires should understand both their role and how their role contributes to the company’s overall goals. An introductory and/or ongoing one-on-one meeting(s) can provide clarity as well as belonging cues. Many organizations also use onboarding buddies to guide employees through their first few months.

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