Why It’s Important to Always Send a Thank You Note Post Interview

You just finished an interview. Regardless of how you performed or whether you want the job, you should always send a thank-you note. Here’s why.

Why Post-Interview Thank You Notes Are Important

  • Stay Top of Mind
    Hiring managers see lots of candidates. Even under the best of circumstances, they’ll have trouble keeping track of everyone. When they see your note, they’ll think, “Yes. I remember ___,” or they’ll pull your file to refresh their memory. And this can improve your chances of landing the job.
  • Reinforce Your Candidacy
    A Thank You note gives you a second chance to sell yourself. Once again, you can express your enthusiasm and highlight your top skills and experiences. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to mention something you forget and/or something that wasn’t discussed during the interview.
  • Show Your Style
    When you send a Thank You, the hiring manager sees someone who’s grateful, follows through and pays attention to details. In addition, since you took the time to write a letter, you’re clearly excited about the position. Even if you don’t end up getting the role, your note leaves a positive impression. This, in turn, could lead to networking opportunities, referrals or possibly another job at the company.

How to Write a Post-Interview Thank You Note

  • Decide What Method to Use
    Although handwritten notes stand out, emails arrive quicker. Think about which method the most sense for the given situation. Also, your note should be timely but not immediate. Sending an email from the parking lot makes you look desperate.
  • Personalize Your Note(s)
    If you interviewed with a team, send a slightly different letter to each person. (Jot down quick notes and/or use the company’s online directory to find everyone’s name.) Try to remember a question they asked or a conversation you had so each thank you has a personal touch.
  • Restate Your Skills
    As mentioned above, your note also should remind the interviewer(s) WHY you would be a top pick. Restate your skills and include other selling points. If you don’t know where to start, check out these post-interview Thank You note templates.
  • Keep It Short
    You want to send a nice Thank You. However, the hiring manager doesn’t want to be bothered with ten-page letter. Show you appreciate everyone’s time by limiting your notes to two to six brief paragraphs.
  • Proofread
    Thank you notes are a wonderful chance for you to highlight your strong communication skills. As a result, a letter filled with typos, misspelling and grammatical errors could do more harm than good. Therefore, be sure to proofread forward and backward. Or better yet, ask someone else to double-check your work.

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