Behavioral Interview Questions to Learn About a Candidate’s Personality

Your company is interviewing a candidate. This individual has the necessary skills and the right experience. Now, will they get along with the rest of your team? Here are five behavioral interview questions you can ask to learn more about their personality.

Behavioral Interview Questions That Provide Insight into a Candidate’s Personality

What Motivates You About This Job?

Of course, most people go to work because they need money. However, your candidate knows this isn’t what you want to hear. Therefore, don’t judge anyone who states (or avoids) the obvious. Nevertheless, money aside, an individual’s answer can provide valuable insights into their personality. Are there motivated by career goals, financial goals, personal development goals, relationship goals or spiritual goals? There isn’t necessarily a right or a wrong answer. Yet you should look for someone whose ambitions match reasonably well with those of your organization.

Who Has Had the Greatest Influence on Your Career?

People make career choices based on a variety of factors. Ultimately, you are hoping for employees who are intrinsically versus extrinsically motivated. In other words, they made their career choices based on their personal preferences not based on something someone told them to do. For example, consider the difference between these two statements:

“My dad always wanted me to be a machine operate just like him.”
“My dad is a machine operator, and I always loved helping him with projects.”

The first candidate may be trying to please his father. On the other hand, the second candidate appears to have a genuine interest in the job.

  • Tell Me About a Time You Failed at Something?

    Everyone experiences failures. In fact, if someone says they’ve never failed at anything, this is a definite red flag. Watch for candidates who honestly describe their shortcomings without unnecessarily putting themselves down. You want people who will accept criticism, take responsibility for their mistakes and reconstruct their so-called failures into learning opportunities.

  • What Are Your Pet Peeves?

    We all have pet peeves. So, how is this person going to handle them? Be on the lookout for people who start to lose their cool. Ranting, complaining or creating an extensive list are all bad signs.

  • What’s Something New You’ve Learned in the Last Six Months?

    With so many rapid increases in technology, life-long learning is more important than ever before. WHAT your candidate learned isn’t as important as IF they learned. For instance, it’s fantastic if they took a course or mastered a new skill related to your industry. However, tackling a new hobby or side gig can make them a more well-rounded employee too.

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