3 Easy Ways to Enforce Safety Protocols at Your Warehouse

You want to protect your workers and your businesses. So, how can you make sure everyone respects and follows the safety rules? Here are 3 basic ways to enforce safety protocols at your warehouse.

Enforce Warehouse Safety Protocols Through…


It’s difficult for anyone to follow rules if they don’t know what the rules are. You shouldn’t assume safety standards are obvious. Rather, take the time to establish and clearly define your policies. Then, write a safety manual and make it readily available to everyone. Either distribute paper copies and/or provide access to an electronic version. This way, when anyone has a question, they’ll know exactly where to go for clarification. Also, since safety standards evolve over time, be prepared to make regular updates. You may decide to revisit, update and republish your manual at least once a year.


Even if you give everyone in your organization a copy of the safety manual, few people will read it from cover to cover. Therefore, think of multiple tactics to publicize proper safety protocols. Training is a perfect starting point. Safety instruction should be part of every warehouse onboarding program. Additionally, schedule ongoing refresher courses as well as training updates. These could be 30-minute classes once a month. Posters, emails and verbal announcements are other effective communication methods. Consider hanging visual safety reminders in strategic locations such as by a conveyer belt. Written and verbal communication should be both scheduled and impromptu. For example, you could email a Safety Tip of the Week plus make more frequent announcements as needed.


Despite your best-laid plans, documentation and communication usually aren’t enough. Over time, people may forget proper procedures or begin taking shortcuts. Inspections ensure safety standards are being carried out consistently not only in theory but also in practice. However, be careful to use this strategy correctly. For the best results, clarify the purpose of inspections. Your goal isn’t to “catch” and then punish your employees. Instead, you are working together to create a safer workplace environment. This more positive, team-focused approach will encourage people to identify and correct, not cover up, mistakes. As with communication, inspections should be both scheduled and impromptu. For instance, you could run a rigorous check once a month. Yet, if you suspect a problem, you may conduct an immediate, on-the-spot investigation.

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