Can I Ask for More Money Based on Shift?

Most people prefer first shift over second or third. So, if you work non-traditional hours can you ask for higher pay? In many situations, the answer is YES!

Why Do Companies Pay Higher Rates Based on Shift?

If a company pays the same rate regardless of shift, they often have trouble covering later shifts. After all, it’s easier to keep regular hours than to work overnight. Thus, higher rates or shift differentials act as an incentive. Companies encourage employees to choose second or third shift over first by paying them more. Shift differentials usually are calculated by adding a percentage to the regular wage. For example, if first pays $15 and the differential is 20%, later shift workers would make $3 more per hour.

What’s the Best to Ask for More Money?

Many organizations automatically provide a shift differential. However, if this isn’t the case, you may be able to request higher pay.

Here are some guidelines for increasing your wages.

Do Your Research

Before you begin, know what you’re up against. Is the company having trouble staffing second or third shift? If not, they probably won’t be willing to pay you more. Also, investigate market standards. If a nearby competitor pays a 10% shift differential, your employer may feel pressured to match that rate.

Know Your Number

Instead of simply asking for more money, have a number in mind. Base this on market standards as well as your personal work-related expenses. For instance, let’s say you work second shift and therefore need after-school care. You could argue the extra $5 per hour would help you cover childcare costs.

Be Ready to Negotiate

Negotiating a higher wage can feel awkward and uncomfortable, but it can be well worth the trouble. An extra $3 an hour adds up to over $6,000 per year! If bargaining isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry. Boost your skills by checking out these 37 tips to negotiate your salary.

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