Need a Job for Winter Break? Don’t Rule Out Temp Work

You have some time off for winter break, and you’d like to make some extra money. So, what are your options? Here’s why you shouldn’t rule out temp work.

Why Temp Work Is Perfect for Winter Break

Enjoy Flexible Working Arrangements

Often, businesses are shorthanded during the holidays. As a result, they’re willing to giving temporary help lots of flexibility. You should be able to choose your start/end date, your shift and the number of hours you would like to work. This means you could work full-time third shift for two weeks or part-time afternoons for four weeks. Plus, in many cases, you’ll have the chance to earn overtime pay. If you’re working through an employment agency or staffing firm, this process is even easier. Simply, let your recruiter know what your availability is, and they’ll automatically match you with openings.

Explore Different Career Paths

If you’re a student or in-between jobs, temp work is a wonderful way to explore different careers and industries. For example, if you’re thinking about becoming an accountant, you could assist a company with keeping their books over the holidays. This gives you a better idea of whether office work is right for you. Or let’s say you’d like to become a manager with an online retailer. Spending several weeks in a distribution center allows you to learn more about the business from the bottom up.

Build Your Resume

Additionally, you also can use temporary experiences to advance your career. If a seasonal role is related to your career path, it counts as on-the-job experience. Or if you temp at a company where you hope to work someday, you’ll have a chance to get your foot in the door. However, what if your temporary assignment was completely unrelated to anything you plan to do? That’s OK too. Almost any job will help you perfect your soft skills. For instance, if you spent time as a laborer in a factory, you probably gained valuable lessons in teamwork, adaptability and problem-solving.

Are You Hoping to Temp Over Winter Break?

The recruiters at FirstStaff would be happy to help! As a full-service staffing firm, we place temporary workers in Little Rock, Arkansas and the surrounding areas. This holiday season, we’re looking for warehouse workers, shipping and receiving associates, customer service representatives and more. Contact us today to set up your winter break job!

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