5 Things You SHOULD Say to a Recruiter During the Interview Process

You have an interview, and you want to impress the recruiter. So, what should you say? Here are 5 statements that will improve your odds of landing the job.

5 Things to Say During an Interview

  1. “I saw on the company’s website/social media that…”

    Businesses want to hire employees who are excited to work there. Knowledgeably discussing their website and social media channels proves you spent the time to do your research. You aren’t willing to take any old job. Rather, you are carefully considering your options. Ultimately, this benefits both you, the recruiter and the organization. After all, you’ll be more likely to discover the right fit job. And the company will be more likely to bring in a right-fit employee.

  2. “You”

    Don’t overlook the power of “You.” The interview isn’t just about you. It’s mostly about the business! Frequently adding “you” into the conversation shows you are genuinely interested in helping the organization and not just yourself. For example, you may respond to a question by saying, “It seems like YOU need someone who could…” Or you could ask, “What are the biggest challenges YOU are facing right now?”

  3. That sounds interesting.”

    When you’re interviewing, enthusiasm is essential. According to research, highly engaged teams are 21% more profitable. Meanwhile, disengaged employees cost U.S. companies up to $550 billion each year. Expressing your excitement for a project, product or assignment leads the recruiter to believe you will be engaged. This gives you an immediate advantage over the competition.

  4. “I led…”

    Every business needs leaders. Of course, most of us aren’t the next Abraham Lincoln. However, even if you have no plans to be a manager or CEO, you still can be a leader. Think of a situation where you organized (led) a project or stepped up (led) during an emergency. That’s right, those are forms of leadership. Use these stories to describe your skillset… and remember to insert the word “led.”

  5. “Thank you!”

    Keep in mind, the recruiter pulled your resume, set up and then conducted an interview. They not only selected you but also took time out of their busy schedule to run the meeting. In other words, a “Thank You” is in order. Display your gratitude by ending with a simple, “Thank you for your time” or “Thank you for this opportunity.” Plus, for a power move, follow up with a Thank You note.

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