Post-Interview Questions that Will Impress Your Hiring Manager

You’ve reached the end of an interview, and now, it’s your turn to ask questions. So, what should you say? Here are 5 post-interview inquires that will leave a positive impression on your hiring manager.

5 Impressive Post-Interview Questions

What would you like to see me accomplish in the first three/six/nine months?

This inquiry suggests you are thinking ahead. You are considering not only what the company needs but also if you would be able to fulfill that role. As a bonus, the hiring manager’s response offers value information as well. If their expectations don’t match the job description and/or your career goals, you may be better off somewhere else.

I read [insert interesting fact about the business]. Would you be able to tell me more about that?

Mentioning something specific about the organization proves you took the time to do your research. In other words, you aren’t ready to accept any-old role, you’re searching for a job with the right company. To uncover these interesting facts, run a search online or visit the business’s website and/or social media channels.

What’s your favorite part about working at this organization?

Asking the hiring manager for their viewpoint is a wonderful way to engage in a memorable conversation. After all, everyone likes talking about themselves. Plus, it’s another smart evaluation tactic for you. If the interviewer has trouble thinking of a response, this could be a sign of a dysfunctional workplace. On the other hand, if they enthusiastically outline everything they love, you’ve probably discovered a great company.

How do you provide feedback to your employees?

No one likes receiving negative comments. Yet, without constructive criticism, it’s difficult to grow. Expressing an interest in feedback indicates you’re willing to evaluate, re-evaluate and work to improve your performance. And, ultimately, this makes you a more valuable employee.

What are the next steps in the interview process?

If the hiring manager hasn’t outlined what happens next, show you’re prepared to take control of your own destiny. You’re not planning to sit around with your fingers crossed hoping for a phone call. Rather, if the stated deadline comes and goes, you’ll move on with your job search. This establishes you as a focused and motivated candidate. Additionally, it can create a sense of urgency for the hiring manager. If the company delays too long, they’ll realize they may lose you.

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