How to Ask For More Flexibility in Hours As a Temporary Employee

You’re working a temp job. The position is fine, but you’re struggling with the schedule. What should you do? Here’s how to ask for more flexibility in hours as a temporary employee.

How Temps Can Ask for More Flexibility in Hours

Identify What You Need

First, clearly define what would make your life better. Of course, you must be fair with your employer too. If you signed up for 40 hours a week, you can’t drop to 10 and expect the same pay. Nevertheless, there should be some wiggle room. For instance, say you’re a working parent. Your job starts at 8:00 a.m., but your kids get on the bus at 8:15 a.m. As a result, you’re juggling childcare both before AND after school. Rearranging your schedule to begin later or end earlier could be helpful.

Develop Possible Solutions

Rather than simply presenting the problem to your boss, come up with a few different solutions. Your supervisor may be more willing to compromise if you’ve done the leg work for them. Let’s take the example above. You could suggest switching your 8-4 hours to 9-5 or 7-3. Many employers would consider this a reasonable request.

Decide Whom to Ask

It’s also important to approach the right person in the right way. If you go up to the top manager in the middle of a hectic day, they’ll probably automatically dismiss your appeal. Instead, gradually build support. Begin by explaining your situation to a colleague, immediate supervisor or a member of the HR team. Inquire if the company has a history of accommodating these situations. Even if the answer is NO, it’s possible you could start a new trend. Once you’ve gained a few allies, then move toward making an official request.

Sell the Benefits

Remember, to succeed, you must show how this change benefits not you, but the company. For example, you may wish to work remotely a few days per week. Pointing out that you would be happier without a commute doesn’t help your boss. However, showing your how you could use this extra time to the business’s advantage IS a good selling point.

Say Thank You

Regardless of the result, let your company know you appreciate their efforts. If your campaign was successful, a handwritten note or email is a nice touch. After all, your boss made your life easier. And if things didn’t go the way you hoped, a simple “Thank you for considering my request,” still is a nice gesture. Sometimes, for reasons beyond their control, managers can’t accommodate schedule changes. Yet, other times, they may be willing to eventually reconsider if you are gracious.

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