Holding Your Staff Accountable: How to Ensure Safe Practices on the Job

Your company wants to promote a safe working environment. So, how do you hold your staff accountable? Here’s how to ensure safe practices on the job.

Tips to Ensure Safe Practices on the Job

Clearly Define Standards

You can’t expect your staff to follow safety protocols if they aren’t sure what the standards are. Therefore, if you don’t already have one, start by putting together a written manual. This document should clearly outline rules, regulations, and proper procedures. Have copies readily available either in print or on your computer network. That way, whenever anyone has a question, they’ll know where to find the correct answer. In addition, plan to revisit this manual regularly, so it accurately reflects any safety updates.

Provide Proper Training

Knowing what the safety procedures are usually isn’t enough. Your staff must live them. Thus, provide both introductory and ongoing training. Review important protocols, offer real-live demos, and ask employees to practice what they’ve learned in supervised settings. This not only reinforces concepts but also checks for understanding.

Run Regular Inspections

Scheduled and impromptu inspections are a wonderful way to enforce and maintain safety standards. Ask questions such as: Is all the machinery in good working order? Are workers wearing the proper footwear and PPE? Is everyone following established protocols? However, be sure to approach these inspections in the right spirit. You don’t want to give your employees the impression you are looking to “catch them being bad.” Rather, your goal is to work together as a team to create the safest workplace for all.

Embrace Mistakes as Learning Opportunities

What happens when someone reports a safety issue? Will they get in trouble? Or will they get someone else in trouble? If the answer to either question is “maybe” or “yes,” then your organization is at risk. Chances are workers’ first inclination will be to cover up problems. And eventually, this will lead to accidents. As a result, avoid calling out or punishing individuals when something goes wrong. Instead, acknowledge and firmly correct mistakes. Then, embrace these errors as learning opportunities. Show your entire team what they should have done.

Reward Positive Behavior

When someone catches a problem, prevents an accident, or responds quickly to an emergency, celebrate this success. Give shout-outs in emails and meetings to let people know you recognize and appreciate their efforts. Also, consider expanding safety rewards into a more formal Employee of the Month program. For example, you could award each month’s safest employee with a small gift basket and an extra day off. This provides your entire team with a role model as well as a goal to which they can aspire.

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