Fall in LOVE with Your Career! How to Decide if a Position Is the Right Fit

You don’t want just any old job, you’re hoping to fall in LOVE with your career. So, how do you decide if a position is the right fit? Begin by considering these factors.

Signs a Position IS the Right Fit

You’re Happy with the Pay

This may seem like the wrong place to start, but pay is important. If you’re not making enough money to support your lifestyle, ultimately, you’re not going to be happy. And this holds true no matter how much you love your job. Of course, you need to be realistic too. Only about 9% of earners in the U.S. earn over $100,000 per year. However, you should work toward negotiating a salary that reflects your market value and meets your expectations.

The Works Seems Interesting

Loving your job 100% of the time isn’t realistic. Nevertheless, liking your work most of the time should be your goal. Begin with job descriptions. Examine each list of responsibilities, then circle those you enjoy and X off those you dread. If you have more X’s than circles, keep looking. Also, during interviews, try to learn as much as you can about your potential responsibilities. Ask questions like, “Tell me about a typical day in this role?” “Can you show me examples of projects I would be working on?” and “What would you expect me to accomplish in my first 3 months?” The interviewer’s answers will help you better understand if the position would truly be a good fit.

You Like the Company Culture

When you’re applying for jobs, be sure to check out organization’s website and social media channels. Do you like what you see? If so, you should probably apply. Interviews (and hopefully a tour of the facility) will provide further insights. Consider everything from the organization’s mission to management style to work/life balance. And keep in mind the right answers won’t be the same for everyone. What works well for you may not work for another person. For example, some people thrive in laid-back atmospheres while others require more structure.

You’re Excited

Usually, if you’ve found the right job, you’re excited, and you can’t wait to join the team. On the other hand, sometimes you feel like a role should be a wonderful opportunity, but something seems off. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to listen to your gut. Just because you’re having trouble explaining what’s wrong doesn’t mean it’s not there. If you happen to know someone who works at a company, this is a perfect time to activate your network. Sometimes a brief conversation with an insider will eliminate (or confirm) your fears.

Are You Searching for a Position That’s the Right Fit?

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