Our Story

FirstStaff began in 1973, when Ed Schulte opened a staffing business which was later known as ProStaff. Steve Schulte joined ProStaff in 1987, and ProStaff began opening additional offices and moved into additional markets. By the time ProStaff merged with five other regional staffing companies to form Staffmark, ProStaff had 25 offices. When Staffmark was formed, Steve Schulte relocated to the corporate headquarters in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Sensing that priorities involving customers and employees were taking a backseat to the financial and other pressures of a large corporate bureaucracy, Steve was determined to return the business to its founding principles.

In 2001, Steve Schulte moved back to Little Rock and began operating as FirstStaff. The lessons and knowledge learned as part of a large corporation have been beneficial to being customer focused and operating for the long term. Big-company resources and a small-company focus make FirstStaff what it is – a company that cares about its employees, customers, and communities.

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