Post-Interview Questions that Will Impress Your Hiring Manager

You’ve reached the end of an interview, and now, it’s your turn to ask questions. So, what should you say? Here are 5 post-interview inquires that will leave a positive impression on your hiring manager. 5 Impressive Post-Interview Questions What would you like to see me accomplish in the first three/six/nine months? This inquiry suggests… Read More »

5 Things You SHOULD Say to a Recruiter During the Interview Process

You have an interview, and you want to impress the recruiter. So, what should you say? Here are 5 statements that will improve your odds of landing the job. 5 Things to Say During an Interview “I saw on the company’s website/social media that…” Businesses want to hire employees who are excited to work there.… Read More »

Employee Retention Tips to Save Your Best Workers

You’ve built an impressive team, and you’d like to save your best workers. So, how can you keep the great people you’ve got? Start with these three employee retention tips. Top Employee Retention Tips Pay Attention to the Competition Let’s face it. If your competitor down the road pays twice as much as you do,… Read More »

Need a Job for Winter Break? Don’t Rule Out Temp Work

You have some time off for winter break, and you’d like to make some extra money. So, what are your options? Here’s why you shouldn’t rule out temp work. Why Temp Work Is Perfect for Winter Break Enjoy Flexible Working Arrangements Often, businesses are shorthanded during the holidays. As a result, they’re willing to giving… Read More »

What Candidates Might Not Know About Background Checks

You just received a job offer, and now the company wants to run a background check. Should you be concerned? Probably not. Pre-employment screening can be scary, but it doesn’t need to be. Things to Know About Background Checks Background Checks Protect Everyone When you’re undergoing pre-employment screening, you may feel as though the company… Read More »

Can I Ask for More Money Based on Shift?

Most people prefer first shift over second or third. So, if you work non-traditional hours can you ask for higher pay? In many situations, the answer is YES! Why Do Companies Pay Higher Rates Based on Shift? If a company pays the same rate regardless of shift, they often have trouble covering later shifts. After… Read More »

3 Easy Ways to Enforce Safety Protocols at Your Warehouse

You want to protect your workers and your businesses. So, how can you make sure everyone respects and follows the safety rules? Here are 3 basic ways to enforce safety protocols at your warehouse. Enforce Warehouse Safety Protocols Through… Documentation It’s difficult for anyone to follow rules if they don’t know what the rules are.… Read More »

Ease Your Sunday Scaries with These Relaxation Tips

You probably know the feeling. It’s Sunday morning. You have an entire free day ahead of you, but all you can do is worry about Monday. Are you ready to take back your weekend? Chase away your Sunday scaries with these three relaxation tips. Relaxation Tips to Stop Sunday Scaries Live in the Moment Ultimately,… Read More »

How Long Should I Stay at a Job Before I Quit?

Maybe you don’t like your job. Or maybe you like your job, but it’s time for a change. Either way, you’re wondering, “How long should I stay at a job before I quit?” The standard response to this question is 2 to 4 years. However, the right answer depends on your personal situation. Here are… Read More »

5 Free Resources If You Need to Improve Your Computer Skills

You’d like to improve your computer skills, but you’re on a budget. So, what are your options? Start by investigating these 5 free resources. Free Resources to Improve Your Computer Skills Codeacademy If you’re interested in building your coding skills, Codeacademy has free classes in multiple programming and markup languages. These include C++, HTML, JavaScript,… Read More »