How to Answer a Question About Experience If You Don’t Have Any

You’re interviewing for a job. Everything is going well until the hiring manager asks, “What experience do you have related to this role?” Uh-oh. What if your experience is extremely limited or non-existent? Don’t worry. Here’s how to answer a question about experience if you don’t have any. Tips for Answering Questions About Experience When… Read More »

Best Practices to Retaining Employees If Your Turnover Rate Is High

According to Gallup, U.S. businesses lose a trillion dollars every year due to voluntary turnover. So, what can your organization do to keep the people you have and save money? Here are three best practices to retaining employees if your turnover rate is high. Top Strategies to Reduce High Turnover Identify Primary Causes Some turnover… Read More »

The Biggest Differences Between First, Second and Third Shift

You’re interested in taking a new job, but it’s listed as second or third shift. So, what does this mean? Here’s an overview of the biggest differences between first, second and third shift. Differences Between First, Second and Third Shift The Time Frame Even though the exact hours vary, each shift covers a different time… Read More »

A Temporary Job Is the Perfect Key to a Work-Life Balanced Summer

Are you looking for a new or a first job this summer but worried about maintaining a healthy work-life balance? Have you considered a temporary placement? If not, this can be a wonderful option, especially during the busier months. Here are three reasons why a temporary job may be the perfect key to maintaining a… Read More »

Is Experience More Important Than Pay?

As a child, you may have played the Would You Rather Game where you choose between two difficult options. For example, “Would you rather be covered in fur or covered in scales?” And sometimes, this game applies to our careers too. “Would you rather have a high-paying job offering a poor experience or a low-paying… Read More »

What to Know About Pre-Employment Drug Screening in Arkansas

Your company is considering drug testing new hires. So, what can you and can’t you do? Here’s what you need to know about pre-employment drug screening in Arkansas. Is Pre-Employment Drug Screening Required or Restricted in Arkansas? Arkansas has no specific laws either requiring or restricting general drug testing. The state does, however, sponsor a… Read More »

How Important Is It To Take A Mental Health Day?

You’ve had a tough week and, for that matter, a tough month. It would probably help if you could take some time off. So, should you? After all, how important is it to take a mental health day? Why You SHOULD Take a Mental Health Day There are several compelling reasons to take a mental… Read More »

I Just Started My Job and Hate It – Am I Stuck?

Despite your best job-hunting efforts, sometimes you end up in the wrong place. And you may find yourself saying, “I just started my job and I hate it.” So, are you stuck? Probably not. Here’s how to handle this scenario. What to Do When You Hate Your New Job Give Yourself Some Time First days,… Read More »

Need a Ride to Work? How to Address Your Problematic Commute

You have a job, but you need a ride to work. What should you do? Here are six ways to address your problematic commute. Buy a Bargain Vehicle Maybe you can’t afford a car? Or maybe your current vehicle is constantly breaking down? Fortunately, buying a car doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little… Read More »

Why Is Talent Retention So Hard?

Your company worked hard to build a top team, but people keep leaving. Why is talent retention so hard? And how can your organization decrease turnover? Job Hopping Pays Off The average American gets a 3% to 5% raise every year. (Investopedia, 2021) However, when someone switches jobs, the average salary increases between 10% to… Read More »