5 Free Resources If You Need to Improve Your Computer Skills

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3 Non-Monetary Bonuses to Offer Employees

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Fall Prevention Tips for Fall 2021

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How to Recover from Answering an Interview Question Poorly

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Biggest Misconceptions About Working Third Shift

You’re thinking about accepting a third-shift job, but you’ve heard stories. So, are they true? Here are the biggest misconceptions about working third shift… and the real story! You Won’t Get Enough Sleep FALSE. The truth is you CAN get enough sleep working late hours if you establish a sleep schedule. There’s no question the… Read More »

Behavioral Interview Questions to Learn About a Candidate’s Personality

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Why It’s Important to Always Send a Thank You Note Post Interview

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How Much Should My Pay Change if I Go Temp to Perm?

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Is It Possible to Work Third Shift With a Family?

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How Improving Your Onboarding Process Can Improve Retention

Many businesses view onboarding as something they simply need to check off their to-do list. Have new employees fill out paperwork, introduce them to their coworkers and that’s that. However, did you know a thoughtfully designed and executed onboarding process can improve retention rates? Why Improving Onboarding Improves Retention You Give Your New Hires a… Read More »