Top OSHA Policies You Must Be Compliant With

You want to keep your workers safe, and you want to follow the rules. So, what are the top OSHA policies you must be compliant with? Here are six of the most common violations inspectors find in factories and warehouses. Hazard Communication Employees have the right to know and understand the dangers of chemicals used… Read More »

How to Prevent Knee Pain When You Work in a Warehouse

Warehouse jobs are tough on your body. And at the end of a long day (or a long week), your knees may be killing you. So, what can you do? Here’s how to prevent knee pain when you work in a warehouse. Tips for Preventing Knee Pain When You Work in a Warehouse Eat a… Read More »

How Much Should You Brag During an Interview?

You’re trying to land a job. You DO want to highlight your top qualities, but you DON’T want to seem overconfident. So, where’s the line? How much should you brag during an interview? Of course, there’s an art to job-interview bragging. (Think of it as selling if you prefer.) Here’s how to look like a… Read More »

Why a Contract Position Is Perfect For You

In 2018, one of five jobs in the U.S. was held by a worker under contract. And estimates predict contractors and freelancers could make up half the American workforce within the next decade. (NPR, 2018) So, could a contract position be perfect for you? Here’s why the answer may be “Yes!” You Need to Build… Read More »

How to Make Your Temp Employees Feel A Part of the Team

Sure, temps are temporary. That’s why many companies fail to invest in these workers who are ultimately an essential part of their success. Is your organization hoping to do better? Here’s how to make your temp employees feel a part of the team. Tell Temporary Employees WHY They Are Important Usually temps are brought in… Read More »

8 Tips to Staying Motivated When Work Feels Exhausting

Even when you like your job, you still can have one of those days. You’re tired and everything seems SO difficult. But don’t get stuck in a rut. Use these eight tips to stay motivated when work feels exhausting. Make a Manageable List Often, we lack motivation because we have too much to do. If… Read More »

Tips to Staying Safe While Performing Line Work

If you work in a factory or warehouse, you know production/packing work can be dangerous. However, a few extra precautions will reduce your risk. Use these tips to stay safe while performing line work. Top Safety Tips for Line Workers Keep Your Workplace Tidy A misplaced box or a slippery floor can easily lead to… Read More »

5 Ways to Ensure Diversity and Inclusion Values at Your Company

Most businesses strive to be diverse and inclusive, but achieving this goal requires a dedicated effort. Is your organization wondering where to begin? Use these five tips to help ensure diversity and inclusion values at your company. Hire Smarter The first step in promoting diversity and inclusion values is to assemble a diverse team. And… Read More »

Stand Out From Other Applicants with These 3 Resume Tips

Before you get a job offer or even land an interview, you’ll need a resume that hiring managers will notice. So, where do you begin? Use these three resume tips to stand out from other applicants. Tailor Your Resume to the Job Description When companies advertise an open position, they’re looking for a certain skill… Read More »