Do You Know the Top 5 Safety Best Practices?

If you work in a warehouse or a factory, you want to keep yourself and your co-workers safe. So, what rules should you follow? Start by familiarizing yourself with these top 5 safety best practices. The Top 5 Safety Best Practices in the Workplace Fix or Report Unsafe Conditions The best way to make your… Read More »

Should I Make a Mid-Life Career Switch?

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How to Prevent Knee Pain When You Work in a Warehouse

Warehouse jobs are tough on your body. And at the end of a long day (or a long week), your knees may be killing you. So, what can you do? Here’s how to prevent knee pain when you work in a warehouse. Tips for Preventing Knee Pain When You Work in a Warehouse Eat a… Read More »

Why a Contract Position Is Perfect For You

In 2018, one of five jobs in the U.S. was held by a worker under contract. And estimates predict contractors and freelancers could make up half the American workforce within the next decade. (NPR, 2018) So, could a contract position be perfect for you? Here’s why the answer may be “Yes!” You Need to Build… Read More »

8 Tips to Staying Motivated When Work Feels Exhausting

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10 Things You Can Do During Your Shift to Contribute to Your Mental Health

Shift work is tough, so it’s important to stay positive. And with a little creativity, you can! Here are ten ways to contribute to your mental health while you’re on the job. 1. Connect with a Co-worker Even a quick conversation can brighten your mood. Try to learn something new about one of your colleagues.… Read More »

Tips to Staying Safe While Performing Line Work

If you work in a factory or warehouse, you know production/packing work can be dangerous. However, a few extra precautions will reduce your risk. Use these tips to stay safe while performing line work. Top Safety Tips for Line Workers Keep Your Workplace Tidy A misplaced box or a slippery floor can easily lead to… Read More »

Should I Talk About Politics at Work? 4 Work-Friendly Conversation Starters

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How to Leverage Short-Term Work to Advance Your Career

If you’ve found yourself recently unemployed or if you’re having trouble finding a job, you may be considering a temporary or contract assignment. And although this probably wasn’t part of your original plan, here’s how to leverage short-term work to advance your career. Look for Assignments That Build Your Skill Set Temporary positions are an… Read More »

The Main Reason You Should Always Keep Your Resume & Cover Letter Updated

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