Questions You Should Be Prepared For in a Warehouse Interview

You applied for a warehouse job and received a call for an interview. That’s great news! So, what will the hiring manager ask? Here are five questions you should be prepared for in a warehouse interview. Common Warehouse Interview Questions Tell Me About Yourself. This is a standard way to open interviews across industries, but… Read More »

Is It Going to Be Hard to Get a Job in 2021?

Unemployment rates skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re looking for your first job or a new job, you may be worried. So, what the real story? Is it going to be hard to get a job in 2021? Industries Where It Will Be Hard to Get a Job Between restrictions, lockdowns and fear, COVID-19… Read More »

How Much Should You Brag During an Interview?

You’re trying to land a job. You DO want to highlight your top qualities, but you DON’T want to seem overconfident. So, where’s the line? How much should you brag during an interview? Of course, there’s an art to job-interview bragging. (Think of it as selling if you prefer.) Here’s how to look like a… Read More »

Stand Out From Other Applicants with These 3 Resume Tips

Before you get a job offer or even land an interview, you’ll need a resume that hiring managers will notice. So, where do you begin? Use these three resume tips to stand out from other applicants. Tailor Your Resume to the Job Description When companies advertise an open position, they’re looking for a certain skill… Read More »

Best Practices for Answering Interview Questions About a Layoff

You lost your job, but now you’ve landed an interview. That’s great news. So, what’s the best way to answer interview questions about a layoff? Follow these best practices. Tips for Answering Interview Questions About a Layoff Tell the Truth It’s tempted to try to hide a layoff, but don’t do this. Most companies will… Read More »

Laid Off? Is It Time for a Career Change?

There’s no doubt about it. Getting laid off is a terrible experience. However, sometimes losing a job creates new opportunities too. If you were considering a career change before your lay off, now could be the right time. Signs It Is Time for a Career Change You Didn’t Like Your Last Job Maybe you enjoyed… Read More »

4 Ways to Find a New Job in a New City

Searching for employment can be a daunting task. And when you’re in the process of moving or when you’ve recently relocated, the challenge is even greater. But don’t worry, you’ve got this. Here are four tips for finding a new job in a new city. 1. Update Your Location A resume or social media account… Read More »

How to Ask Your Boss for More Hands-On Training

You think you could do your job better… if you had more experience. But unfortunately, your organization doesn’t consider professional development a top priority. Nevertheless, if you’re determined to advance, use these strategies to ask your boss for more hands-on training. Familiarize Yourself with Company Policy Your organization may have a professional development policy in… Read More »

Red Flags Hiring Managers Look For When You Interview

You’re in an interview that’s going well when… suddenly, something seems to have gone wrong. What happened? You may have set off one of these red flags hiring managers look for during interviews. Signs of Being a Job Hopper Obviously, a hiring manager doesn’t want to go through all the effort of adding you to… Read More »

3 Questions You’ll Always Be Asked in an Interview & How to Respond

If you have an upcoming interview, you know preparation is important. So, you need to think about how to respond to commonly asked questions. Here are three questions you’ll (almost) always be asked. Tell Me About Yourself. Interviews usually begin with this request. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly informal nature of this inquiry. The… Read More »