How to Boost Light Industrial Employee Retention 

How to Boost Light Industrial Employee Retention | FirstStaff

Employee retention is a major challenge for Light Industrial companies. To make sure you can keep your talented people, here are 10 tips to help you build an effective employee retention program. How Can You Boost Retention with Light Industrial Employees? 1. Offer Competitive Benefits: Offering competitive benefits such as health care coverage, flexible work… Read More »

How to Decrease and Deal with Rapid Employee Turnover Rates

Especially when the economy is unstable, you may feel as though workers are constantly coming and going. And, of course, hiring and retraining can become expensive. Nevertheless, this doesn’t need to be the status quo. Here’s what your organization can do to decrease and deal with rapid employee turnover rates. Run the Numbers Maybe your… Read More »

Summer Perks to Boost Employee Morale

Summer is here with warmer temperatures, outdoor events, and of course, a more distracted workforce. So, how can you keep everyone engaged while still embracing the fun of the season? Check out these five perks to boost employee morale. Flexible Hours According to a recent survey, employees listed flexible scheduling as their most desirable summer… Read More »