Biggest Misconceptions About Working Third Shift

You’re thinking about accepting a third-shift job, but you’ve heard stories. So, are they true? Here are the biggest misconceptions about working third shift… and the real story! You Won’t Get Enough Sleep FALSE. The truth is you CAN get enough sleep working late hours if you establish a sleep schedule. There’s no question the… Read More »

Should My References Be Listed on My Resume?


You’re putting together your resume. You’ve included education, experience, skills and accomplishments. So, should you add your references too? In most cases, the answer is NO. Why Should I Leave References Off My Resume? Think of your resume as a first introduction. Before hiring managers start investigating your background, they want to know if you’ll… Read More »

Is Experience More Important Than Pay?

As a child, you may have played the Would You Rather Game where you choose between two difficult options. For example, “Would you rather be covered in fur or covered in scales?” And sometimes, this game applies to our careers too. “Would you rather have a high-paying job offering a poor experience or a low-paying… Read More »

I Just Started My Job and Hate It – Am I Stuck?

Despite your best job-hunting efforts, sometimes you end up in the wrong place. And you may find yourself saying, “I just started my job and I hate it.” So, are you stuck? Probably not. Here’s how to handle this scenario. What to Do When You Hate Your New Job Give Yourself Some Time First days,… Read More »

What Do Recruiters Actually Want to Know When They Say, “Tell Me About Yourself?”

“Tell me about yourself?” is a common interview question. And unfortunately, this open-ended inquiry can be misleading. Here’s what recruiters actually want to know. What “Tell Me About Yourself?” Truly Means The casual nature of this question may tempt you into sharing details about your personal life. Don’t be fooled. Remember, this is a JOB… Read More »